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11+ Interviews: Is there ever a bad one?

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nizzy123 Sun 29-Jan-17 19:31:56

So DD has had 3 interviews to date and one to go. After initially thinking they seemed to have gone ok, I am now finding myself over-analyzing things. I figure that most schools will try and keep it friendly and try to make it a pleasant experience for the DC, so this makes me think that it is uncommon for DC to come away from the experience thinking it didn't go well. If this is the case, can one ever gauge how the interview actually went? There must be parents/DC out there who received rejections after what they thought was a "good" interview. If so, looking back, have you ever reflected what may have led to the rejection?

As you will all see, I am trying to prepare myself for rejections, whilst hoping and keeping fingers crossed for positive news.

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