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Science GCSE

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tomsmumautism Sun 29-Jan-17 17:50:01

I want my son to drop science completely - he's meant to be doing double science but got F, G and U in the mocks. I think he could better use that time getting other GCSEs. He only needs 5 but failing science would mean he had to pass every other subject. Is science a legal requirement to GCSE? They seem a bit reluctant to let him drop it. He has SEN - very bright on all those fancy computer testing programmes they run at school and very much the opposite in actual exams!? Any advice appreciated. thanks

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 29-Jan-17 17:56:18

If he is Y11, and doing the exams this summer, is it possible to drop down to core science only? This would give him one science GCSE but be half the amount of material to learn compared to Core + Additional.

Rosieposy4 Sun 29-Jan-17 18:32:30

Science is a legal requirement in schools like maths and English so i am afraid it is highly unlikley he will be able to drop it, even on a differentiated timetable for his SEN.
Agree with thesecond, try and oush for him to do core only, much less work and he might then have a fighting chance of getting a pass.

TeenAndTween Sun 29-Jan-17 18:54:48

I agree, try to push for core only.

The only trouble with this is in revision lessons, half the content he won't need to know. Can you get hold of the papers he did for mocks, and that way see where the issues are? Is it remembering facts, or answering questions or what? You have got the revision guide haven't you? Are you able to do revision with him - I found this much more effective for my dyspraxic DD.

TeenAndTween Sun 29-Jan-17 18:55:39

Actually of course you could just agree with him to drop additional. As in do no revision for it, even if the school won't withdraw him.

Shaistaali Mon 30-Jan-17 00:47:33

Hi tomsmumautisam just read ur thread I don't think u should think of making ur ds drop science. Cause my son did his mocks got u core additional and d for core and his target grades are b+. I was shocked by the result on the additional but I spoke to the head of science and asked for his mock papers so that we can see wat his weakest topics are so he can start revising. You should do the same don't give up, and the grade boundaries are high in science aswell as maths and English good luck.

tomsmumautism Tue 31-Jan-17 08:55:41

Apparently he can drop it legally. They are still teaching the actual syllabus in all three sciences so he stands very little chance of understanding it, learning it and then revising it. Thanks for everyone's input - his whole class has failed chemistry so not looking too much like anyone is going to do well there!

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