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Current parents of Cardinal Vaughan or The Oratory...

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CSLewis Sat 28-Jan-17 19:17:05

...please could you share your experience? Particularly of the first couple of years in which the boys get used to secondary school life, and the pastoral care/attitudes of staff towards boys who might always occasionally forget an item of sports kit/maths equipment...

TIA flowers

CSLewis Sun 29-Jan-17 22:04:39


SWStressed Mon 30-Jan-17 18:13:28

Hi I have a son in year 11 at the oratory. It is strict on general rules and behaviour. Your son is likely to soon firm up on his memory once he realises the expectations are high. From year 7 they very much put the emphasis on the boys being responsible for remembering information and equipment. I think the majority of secondary schools are like this tbh. However in my experience the pastoral care when you need it is excellent and my son has been very happy there

CSLewis Mon 30-Jan-17 20:06:56

Thank you, SW.

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