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Online maths for secondary?

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fritillery Fri 27-Jan-17 11:44:22

My DD is in the first year at a Scottish comprehensive. They don't do ability setting at any age, and she is finding the maths really easy. They're apparently still doing stuff that she did at primary, and she rarely gets any homework, in maths or other subjects. I know that people will say that the teacher will be differentiating between different abilities, but whatever is happening in class she is clearly not being challenged, and is bored.
So I think I need to set up some online work for her. I was wondering about Maths Whizz. It says that it goes up to Year 8, but I wonder whether it works well for children who are good at maths at that age. Or is there something else that would work better. I ideally want something that she can do on her own and learn from and be challenged by, without much input from me (bad at maths and busy).

Mary21 Fri 27-Jan-17 13:08:06

What about Hegarty maths

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