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making the jump - London to Folkestone but need secondary school advice

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TAG30 Fri 27-Jan-17 10:13:01

Hey all
After needing a bigger house and realising i cant keep up with London house prices, Ive finally decided to give up on London and move to Folkestone!
However, my daughter is due to start secondary school in year 7 in september so we are really moving at the wrong time to be in step with the secondary application process. Our original choices are for schools in South London so unfortunately we will get last dibs on anything decent in Folkestone but we figured if we dont go now, we never will.
My daughter didnt pass the 11 but ive decided to apply to Folkestone Grammer for girls anyway on the basis that it was out of character as consistently in top sets etc etc as well as some personal circumstances at the time, However, she was quite some way off the mark so in the event that the appeal is unsuccessful, can anyone local tell me any good things about the local state schools? Nothing ive read so far fills me with confidence but i know that this is not always a true reflection to those in the know.
Im looking at Brockhill in Hythe as she dances Jazz and street with a well known London performing arts company but it will be oversubscribed and again, i will need to appeal sad

Would really appreciate some local opinions on secondary education in the area. Thanks all smile

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