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Year 11 work experience ideas?

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QueenofQuirkiness Wed 25-Jan-17 16:42:37

DD ,Y11 is interested in detective work or diplomacy (pretty different!), and this summer has to do a week of work experience after her GCSE's. She is completely clueless about where to apply and all my suggestions have been met with 'boring!' Does anyone know of a relevant and interesting placement she could pursue?

Mary21 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:23:44

Sky do some good work experience but you are a bit late
Think places where she will actually be able to do stuff rather than just be an observer due to lack of knowledge/ skills or confidentiality.
Think of useful skills e.g. People skills, admin skills, a lot if it is about being in a workplace.
Schools, gyms, multi activity centres, fit the people skills.

Mary21 Wed 25-Jan-17 17:33:33

Don't know where you are but there is also this

AChickenCalledKorma Wed 25-Jan-17 17:46:36

If "diplomacy" might extend to an interest in politics, it could be worth trying your local Council. I work for a District Council and work experience students do a rotation around lots of different departments so they get a good variety. And we try and tailor it to their interests.

No idea if other Councils have similar schemes, but people don't often think of us.

bojorojo Wed 25-Jan-17 18:08:13

Diplomacy is the Foreign Office, so almost impossible to go in there at 16. Almost impossible to get recruited full stop!

Think around the jobs. Detective work is the Police. Do the Police offer anything? I think the local Council is a good idea but she will have to look much more widely and be open to suggestions. She will probably not do either of these careers eventually and one week at 16 does not mean much in the scheme of things. Really, anything would do and it is unlikely to be particulary interesting, because she does not know how to do anything. A holiday job would be better! That demonstrates far more about you than a week found by Mum and Dad.

ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged Wed 25-Jan-17 21:39:31

Local newspaper? It's a different kind of diplomacy and detective work, but she might find it interesting.

OdinsLoveChild Wed 25-Jan-17 21:50:19

One of those heir hunter type organisations?
Contact your local MP and ask about front office work at their constituency office?

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