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Moira House Girls School Eastbourne

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Buzzybee21 Tue 24-Jan-17 23:52:28

We are thinking of sending our daughter to Moira House she will be in year 9.

Is there anyone who currently has a daughter at the school who is willing to share their experiences?

CheerLeader2017 Thu 26-Jan-17 14:09:03

My friend's daughter is currently boarding there in Yr 7. If you direct message me with your email address, I'll ask her to contact you, sure she wouldn't mind.

Buzzybee21 Thu 26-Jan-17 18:06:54

Thank you but I do not know how to private message. Please can you advise.

bitingcat Thu 26-Jan-17 18:15:15

That's my old school! It was about eleventy million years ago so I shouldn't think my experience would be relevant. I was looking at their website a few days ago and it looks amazing now, so many wonderful facilities.

notthatparent Sat 28-Jan-17 16:37:44

I have two DDs at Moira House. There are a lot of very unhappy parents at the moment but I don't think you'll find many willing to talk.

Did you go the Open Morning today? What did you think?

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