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Wales new maths gcse anyone waiting for results

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Berthatydfil Thu 19-Jan-17 00:37:53

Grade boundaries released at midnight quite bizarre. A star 107 marks. Old Linear results released last week A star was 152 marks. Both papers marked out of 160
Does this mean marks have plummeted on these papers?

CharleyDavidson Fri 20-Jan-17 00:03:13

We were waiting for the results, but don't have anything to compare to so don't know. DD has an A* in maths and an A in numeracy.

I'm very proud.
She's harsh on herself because she missed the * by 6 marks.

I truly hate target and predicted grades, but that's another conversation entirely!

PantyLiner Fri 20-Jan-17 00:48:02

My DS gained 2 B's - in Maths and Numeracy. However he was expecting A's. Most of his friends gained C's and below (also, otherwise, A students). Only one in his class gained an A and an A*. Shocking!!

Berthatydfil Fri 20-Jan-17 12:47:33

2As here but a little disappointed tbh when he told me but then he said School would have expected 20/25 A stars in previous years but got 3 or 4 with 2 and another one or 2 with A A star. So in context ok really. Teachers were telling them with about 2 weeks to go that they hadn't covered the entire syllabus and to cover the missing topics st home. I would say that if he was sitting in the summer and had covered the syllabus then he would have got the A star.
Doesn't want to do a level maths so it's not worth resitting as I would prefer him to concentrate on the other subjects.

I do think it's going to take a few years to settle down and I suspect that many schools will start teaching the syllabus at the start of year 9.

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