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Foreign trip with sports club - what questions should I ask?

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horizonsnew Mon 16-Jan-17 16:25:40

DS (nearly 13) has been invited to go on a 6 day trip abroad with the U14 squad of a local sports club that he attends. The offer has been made late in the day, after someone dropped out, so I need to make a quick decision. If it was a school trip I would have no concerns, but I don't know if sports club trips are so minutely organised and want to give the decision due diligence.

I'm happy that it's a well run club, and the Child Protection policy seems sound, including a line about coaches setting a good example and not smoking/drinking in front of young people. A lot of time on the trip will be spent playing sport, and the accommodation looks good. There is an organised sightseeing trip and some evening activities too.

I am going to ask them what the adult/child ratio will be and how much "free time" they will have for getting up to mischief. What else should I be asking?

bojorojo Mon 16-Jan-17 20:17:05

How much time they get unsupervised, any dangers such as an unsupervised swimming pool, how do they monitor out of hours activities (e.g. Room swapping and illicit booze), how they transport the children and safety when there is traffic about. First aid! Parental contact by children. Some of these are looking on the bleak side but they should be part of a risk assessment. They should have done one - schools do.

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 17-Jan-17 20:57:14

Do they have experience of running tours. What are the contingency plans for children seriously injured whilst competing.
Is it single sex or mixed? If mixed how do they ensure segregation at night?

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 18-Jan-17 15:17:16

Most out of school sports club trips I have encountered usually require one or other of the parents to attend also. Maybe you should ask whether this is the case? They may assume you know this.

OutDamnedWind Thu 19-Jan-17 12:50:54

How will accommodation be organised? What type of accommodation is it - hotel, hostel, activity centre?

Is it just the U14s, or are any other age groups attending? If so how will the mixed ages be managed?

Are adults taking their children? If they are and they are much younger, has the ratio been adjusted in line with this?

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