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Kingston Grammar School

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user1483992611 Mon 09-Jan-17 20:24:19

Kingston Grammar Of Surbiton High School? What are the differences apart from the obvious co-ed/single sex. Anyone know how many sit 11+ and how many offers?

nocampinghere Tue 10-Jan-17 10:04:08

they're pretty similar - both urban schools, off site playing fields, both sporty, similar academics though i think surbiton has more of a spread of ability than KGS. ie someone average at KGS is probably on the clever end of Surbiton but both have plenty at the higher ability end.

Surbiton seem to give many more and much bigger scholarships - and make more of a big deal of them. KGS are under the radar, you wouldn't really know.

Bigger range of sport at Surbiton - gym, dance etc..

nocampinghere Tue 10-Jan-17 10:06:10

2 years ago KGS had 800+ sit for 100 places (20 given at 10+)
I think Surbiton's numbers are similar.

KGS cannot have bulge classes (no space) so they probably give fewer offers and use the wait list to fill. SHS have got it wrong a few times in recent years with extra classes laid on. I believe the current year 7 has an extra class so they may be more reserved with numbers this year and aim to use the wait list instead.

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