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School governor / Parents Evening Protocol question

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etiquette Mon 09-Jan-17 09:18:33

I'm a governor at my DC's school. At his parents' evening later this week I'll be meeting several new teachers for the standard 5 minute appointment. Should I introduce myself as "also a school governor" or just not mention it? I don't want it to impact the discussion, but if they later see me around school in my governor capacity they might wonder what I'm doing there or why I didn't introduce myself fully at the first meeting. What's the "done thing"?

RhodaBull Mon 09-Jan-17 09:20:54

I've never said anything. Neither has dh. (Different schools) We are there as parents, not as governors.

Chapsview Mon 09-Jan-17 09:24:04

I am Chair of 2 Governing bodies and agree with above - you are there as a parent. They will not expect to be told and I think would find it a bit odd that you did.

TeenAndTween Mon 09-Jan-17 11:46:55

Agree; my DH doesn't introduce himself as a governor at parents evenings.

Witchend Mon 09-Jan-17 15:49:19

If you introduce yourself as a school governor you will give them the impression you want it to "impact the discussion".
Dh has been a governor and has never mentioned it at meetings about the children. There are occasions that we are meeting with a teacher whom he works on a small committee with, and they carefully ignore it. We've even had discussions about how a decision which negatively impacts our dc but is good for the majority of dc where he has been involved in the decision will effect our dc. Although he'd tend to take a back seat and let me do the talking in those situations.

flowery Mon 09-Jan-17 15:52:40

I can't imagine they don't already know but it's entirely irrelevant to the discussion so don't bring it up. You don't want to give the impression you want to be treated differently.

Noodledoodledoo Tue 10-Jan-17 14:44:29

If they don't know already, don't mention it.

You are there as a parent and in that capacity. I didn't feel I should have know when I later found out they were governors. It might imply you expect them to do more for your child because you are.

I have taught a number of governors children, even the chair, and I ignored this fact completely.

noblegiraffe Tue 10-Jan-17 19:35:22

God no, you want them to be honest!

DanFmDorking Tue 10-Jan-17 21:03:24

Absolutly not, the meeting is about your child not what you do.

birdsdestiny Tue 10-Jan-17 21:07:48

Please don't do that. They will probably know and won't care less. About 90 % of my visits to school are as a parent. The only time I am going in as a governor is when I am there for a meeting or a class visit.

AmeliaJack Tue 10-Jan-17 21:12:03

If they see you in the school and wonder they'll ask you or someone else.

I would imagine they'll already know which children's parents are Govenors though.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 10-Jan-17 21:17:26

I used to get emails from a parent who put "XXX School Governor" underneath his name, like a job title. hmm

Just talk about your child.

TheFallenMadonna Tue 10-Jan-17 21:18:01


Wex Wed 11-Jan-17 11:26:31

I was a governor at DC school throughout their time there. I never, ever mentioned it. Once a teacher said something a little controversial and said "oops you're a governor". I replied firmly that no, I have my parent hat on today, I am a just a parent at parents evening. I was relieved that she then felt she could be honest with me.
Anyone who thinks being a governor gives them some kind of advantage is mistaken IMO.

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