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Edexcel French IGCSE - vocabulary

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Suki2 Thu 05-Jan-17 16:32:53

DS will take this next summer. I'm trying to find the vocabulary list, but on the Pearson site can only find the list for the new (points 1-9) syllabus, to be examined for the first time in June 2017.

I can't open the vocabulary list for his syllabus. I"m thinking though that the vocal will probably be the same. Does anyone know???

Ancienchateau Sat 07-Jan-17 14:08:28

DS took it in May and I didn't even know there was a vocabulary list! I imagine it will be the same though.

Suki2 Sun 08-Jan-17 04:59:30

Thanks for replying ancienchateau! I was checking because I like to know what he's being tested on; agree it probably isn't necessary to know. Would still like to know if there are any differences in the old and new vocab. The new one is huge and probably incorporates all the French words I've ever known.

ShanghaiDiva Sun 08-Jan-17 05:06:12

This is slightly off topic - but the site is really good for learning vocabulary. It's free and there are lots of units for igcse, a level etc. My ds used it for iGCSE and A level German.

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