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Help re sports course

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TwoToTango Sun 01-Jan-17 19:21:59

Hi, any words of wisdom much appreciated

DS want to go to college to do a L3 Sports/Excercise course.
Entry criteria request 5 GCSEs including PE
He should get 5 GCSEs at the required grades but will not be taking GCSE PE - this is due to the new Head at school removing it from the curriculum. The teachers have run the course after school but DS did not do it because it had started before he realised (!) and I make his medical appointments after school so he thought he wouldn't be able to do it and didn;t speak to me until it was too late.
Sorry for the ramble but has anyone got any experience of this - would they allow him to do the course withought PE - would he be able to offer to do PE GCSE alongside the course?
He has an interview for the course and seems determined to give it his best shot. I'd like to help him but not sure what I can do
Any advice great received

TwoToTango Mon 02-Jan-17 10:44:02


Greenandcabbagelooking Mon 02-Jan-17 10:47:37

Have you, or better yet has he, contacted the college to ask?

LIZS Mon 02-Jan-17 10:54:20

I would have thought it might be desirable rather than essential, there is probably an alternative. Nephew is on the level 3 course and some have yet to get English and/or Maths which they do alongside (don't think they can pass the level 3 without).

catslife Mon 02-Jan-17 11:10:11

If he has been offered an interview that's a good sign OP. I think it is possible to take a level 3 course in this area, if he can demonstrate good involvement in extra curricular PE activities and sports.
Usually if pupils have the related GCSE they are not interviewed.
My dd is in Y12 and am aware of several of her peers who are taking A levels or BTECs in subjects that they didn't take at GCSE.

TwoToTango Mon 02-Jan-17 12:22:34

We visited the college before Xmas so he could find more out about the course. He sent in his application yesterday (including all the sporty activities he does) so he's waiting to hear. There is another open day next month so I've suggested if he hasn't heard from them to go and speak to the tutor s about it. I want him to make the effort as hopeully it will show he's committed. Thanks for all the advice.

TwoToTango Mon 02-Jan-17 14:54:26

Any more experience/advice on this sort of scenario appreciate.

UnmentionedElephantDildo Mon 09-Jan-17 12:06:33

Is he taking double science?

I ask because the new spec PE GCSE has a lot of human biology in it, and if this course is in any way similar they will want to be reasonably sure he'll be able to keep up.

Sports performance CV will be important in absence of PE GCSE, so I hope he has framed it a bit like the syllabus requirements (too late to change it in writing, but he needs to be ready to talk about it in those terms - get him to google the frameworks)

I hope that it's damned clear somewhere in the form (and this might be worth checking) that the school no longer offers the subject - ie he did not just choose to drop it.

TwoToTango Sun 22-Jan-17 17:48:49

Thanks for all the advice and comments everyone. Yes, he is doing double science.
He sent in his application and I made sure he put every bit of his sporting activity/achievement on it - went to college for interview - he showed them his subjects/predicted grades and he's got a conditional offer for the course.
Hopefull all goes well and round about August I may be able to sleep again :-)

user1484226561 Sun 22-Jan-17 18:20:39

well, he needs to get a GCSE PE text book and read and work through it thoroughly, and be prepared to answer questions on it, as well as download some PE exam papers, and work through them, and mark them himself, and take them with him to the college, and explain what he is dong.

Science GCSE has very little over lap with PE GCSE, and he needs to demonstrate that he is filling the gap under his own initiative.

Although, i have to say initiative doesn't look great with that list of excuses you've come out with at in the middle of your post. Definitely don't mention he missed the course because he didn't realise it had started, or that he didn't speak to you until it was too late.

None of that sounds good.

He needs a cast iron reason why he hasn't done it. Not a vague faffy one

eatyourveg Mon 23-Jan-17 21:55:39

DS3 did L3 S&ES the entry criteria did not mention PE GCSE just 5 GCSEs to include English , maths and Science. (He did PE but it wasn't a specific requirement)

The college where I work also runs the course and does not specify PE either just that they also want Science alongside English and maths in the 5 passes. If a students doesn't meet the entrance requirements they get offered the one year level 2 course instead.

I wouldn't worry too much.

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