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BTEC- how soon after the last unit dare we go on holiday?

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Draylon Sun 01-Jan-17 16:39:24

DS finishes this year's on June 12 (last lesson). I don't know when the deadline for the last two units is, as tbh, there doesn't seem to be any!

I'm a bit hmm because DS handed in a unit in mid November- and got the feedback on it 2 days ago! As in 'make sure you've met the P3 and P4 criteria...'

I know there's a BTEC thread, but we need to book annual leave and I wanted to get some idea how soon after term ends we dare go? Admittedly, wherever we go we'll have wifi so in theory, DS could tidy anything up sitting by a pool!

It's a level 3 extended diploma and DS is 17.

Any ideas?

catslife Sun 01-Jan-17 17:29:57

It must vary depending on the college / sixth form. Term for Y12s at dds college doesn't finish until 12th July for both BTEC and A level and I think they start the Y13 work after exams and assessments are complete.
So ending on 12th June sounds rather early to me.

TeenAndTween Sun 01-Jan-17 17:31:34

I think the deadline for all results to be with Edexcel is 1st July, however don't quote me on that! I know DD was pulled in late last summer term to try to get something up a grade.

superram Sun 01-Jan-17 17:33:02

We don't let our Brecht students leave until July. Ask the school

superram Sun 01-Jan-17 17:33:29

Ps you can't give feedback on btec work

Draylon Sun 01-Jan-17 19:13:31

T&T says her DD was called in late last summer to try and get something up a grade, so I guess you can get feedback!

I think I'm going to go and ask the college in person.

DS's last scheduled lesson is June 12th, tho. I have the timetable open in front of me. I assume they then do the unit project work?

TeenAndTween Sun 01-Jan-17 19:24:50

Draylon - depends on your definition of 'feedback' I think!

It tends to be not much more than 'you didn't meet this bit of the pass criteria'. Sometimes they are helpful and point at which section(s) need work. Generally though one of the most frustrating things I've found with the BTEC is the fact that feedback is so limited it is difficult to improve for future assignments.

Draylon Mon 02-Jan-17 12:11:51

Yes, our feedback is along those lines, too, T&T.

I guess it's important for the colleges to improve the image of BTECs, but the downside is that with BTEC, the teacher is judge and jury, as it were; so any suggested 'improvements' could be viewed as cheating.

FozzieMK Sun 08-Jan-17 13:56:53

You have probably found this out by now Draylon but I made the huge mistake of booking a holiday a couple of days after the published summer holiday dates on the college website when my DD was doing her IT BTEC. It turned out that they were running 'workshops' for the first two weeks of the holidays for students to finish assignments etc. Luckily my DD finished all her assignments with top marks anyway, but if she hadn't I guess it could've been disastrous. The following year I left it a couple of weeks before booking!

Draylon Sun 08-Jan-17 18:25:19

I only discovered yesterday that the colleges 'hand in' all the year's unit marks in one go at the end of the academic year!

A work colleague told me that in his BTEC (same level as DS's) there were DC in his group who were told to improve work they'd submitted back in Oct/Nov, in June!

DS2's last GCSE is the same week as DS1 finishes this year of BTEC (mid June). What I think we will do is ask the college what they'd advise, tho I think that anything more that DS has to do can be done online sitting by a villa swimming pool in Spain grin.

But I take heed of your warning!

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