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Fresh feedback on Emanuel school Wandsworth

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Turandot Tue 20-Dec-16 13:54:27

Could anyone share their recent experience re Emanuel school. It souds like a healthy break from major hot houses in London but we want to be sure it stretches enough the most capable ones too. There has not been any updates on the school since 2011 unless I missed it. It looks most appealing as our prep school is fiercely academic and very sporty single sex school which is not ideal for our son . Many thanks!!!

Noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 21-Dec-16 06:57:54

It's mentioned on here all the time! I was distinctly underwhelmed by it when we looked (on with occasions six years apart) so didn't apply but know a lot of children who've been/are currently there. In recent years it has been considered one of the back-up schools in the area and certainly the children in my dc's cohort who went there were in the lower half of their primary's ability range.

The majority seem happy there but imo it was an expensive option which didn't really offer anything particularly special. It offered very generous scholarships though - up to 75% non means-tested - so that has attracted a few high fliers in the past but in general the cohort has been less academic and the results at GCSE reflect that.

Due to pressure on spaces in this part of London however it has become harder to get into in the last couple of years.

jeanne16 Wed 21-Dec-16 14:33:14

London Independent schools are now so competitive that for many people, there is very little choice. You take the school that offers a place. Having worked in a couple and had DCs in a number, I think I can now say with some surety that it actually matters less than many parents realise. The teachers are all pretty similar so the education the pupils receive is similar, and most have good facilities and offer extra curricular activities which your child may or may not use.

The main difference is the 'name' of the school. So St Pauls, Westminster etc cream off the top, and so it goes down the pecking order. So to answer the question, your DC can get a pretty similar education at any of them, including Emanuel.

user1482610710 Sat 24-Dec-16 20:44:12

We've got two children at Emanuel and couldn't be happier - it's a great school. Both of the kids had other offers including from grammars and - on paper - more prestigious and academically better performing schools. As such, Turandot, we were keen to explore exactly the issues that you've raised. We loved the feel of the school but wanted to make sure that the kids would be appropriately stretched.

In summary, the staff do a great job of pushing the kids without pressurising them. There's a nice balance struck of letting students find their own level but supportively encouraging them to be ambitious.

I'd also say that the nature of the intake is changing even in the few years we've been involved. Getting in is much more competitive than it was and some friends of ours have found that their children haven't managed to get into Emanuel but have been accepted at schools that currently produce better results. You can see that playing through, especially in the younger age cohorts.

As jeanne16 points out, the standard at most of the London independents is pretty similar now. We made our choice based on the atmosphere and ethos that we thought best suited our children and our family. We've had no cause to regret that decision.

Hope that helps.

Turandot Tue 03-Jan-17 12:22:55

Thank you so much for sharing your views and experience of the school. We are going to see the school in spring and take it from theresmile

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