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Academic range for Harrow Music Scholarship?

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boatertown Thu 15-Dec-16 08:38:18

Hello everyone.

We are currently overseas so not familiar with UK education systems but my DS is musically quite accomplished. He has passion and love for all instruments and has grade 8 exam accomplished on his 3 instruments.

But, the requirement for the music scholarship, it says he needs to 'do well' in the academic scholarship so, what if he fails in one area (worst case scenario) does he fail to get the music scholarship? Or does he have to pass ALL areas? OR if he fails one area, can he still get the music scholarship?

Anyone's ds a scholar at Harrow with music? My DS' is confident with other subjects but maths & French is a little weak....

ifonly4 Thu 15-Dec-16 15:05:58

I can't answer your question. It might be worth emailing the school who should be able to answer your question at this stage.

However, my DD applied for two music scholarships recently. In addition to the music audition, one school asked her to sit three subjects of her choice. The other school she had to sit English and Maths (Maths isn't her strongest subject and was apparently horrendous). She was offered scholarship at both on the condition she ascertained a certain amount of GCSE passes at a certain grade, no particular subjects were stipulated.

It might not be the thing to do, but she had a go at all questions and marked ones she hadn't been taught. One of the schools was impressed she still had a go and particularly commended her for doing this.

boatertown Thu 15-Dec-16 20:15:53

My son is top at his school overseas but the ciriculumn here and in the UK is really different so his weakness is Maths and possibly French.....

But he is very confident with History and English.

sendsummer Thu 15-Dec-16 23:07:32

boatertown I was surprised by your OP since I have never heard of academic scholarship level being a prerequisite for a music scholarship. I have just checked the website. It actually says
Successful candidates must pass Common Entrance at the required standard or do well in the Academic Scholarship examinations so you have misunderstood.
If your DS is not being formally prepared for CE then it does n't necessarily follow that he has to be a candidate for an academic scholarship. Check with Harrow which subjects he would need to get to CE standard in.

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