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KS3 - yr 7 geography books recommendation

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MrsWhiteWash Sat 19-Nov-16 12:32:50

Can anyone suggest a good intro geography book for secondary school?

Geography is on DD timetable - she just started yr 7 - but she hasn't yet had a geography lesson.

They have a strange system humanities - RE, English, Geography, History and a few other classes are taught by the same teacher with the same non streamed class.

DD claims to have done no geography yet - as time is used for other subjects - we don't go into school for p/t meeting for a few weeks yet.

She doesn't seem to have much grasp of what geography is though she was very negative about it - she thinks it all maps the BBC bites size thing has helped her understand how wide a subject it is but she still thinks they've done none though she a bit more interested in at least human geography.

So I'm hoping for a suggestion for an engaging book that introduces language and topic ideas to her.

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