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Anyone else's DC not revised yet for mock GCSEs due to workload?

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ifonly4 Thu 17-Nov-16 09:58:40

DD has been staying late at school as she does after school clubs (which relate to the career she'd like to do). Also, she is trying to tick all the boxes with coursework in the hope it helps with a good grade and been staying on late for three pieces that are due in soon. Has another piece due right at end of mocks. She does want to revise, but last night for example she came home 6.30pm, messed around on ipad and chatted with friend for 30 mins relaxation, had tea, then two lots of timely homework, shower and bed at 10.20pm. Another friend doesn't have so many personal commitments but has had homework in every subject this week. School are recommending 2 hours revision a night and one day at weekends.

Badbadbunny Thu 17-Nov-16 10:38:14

I think it's a matter of making sure that plenty of revision is being done at other times, such as the weekends and the half term just passed. School nights are always going to be busy with normal homework. Also perhaps missing the occasional after school club would help if she has a lot of homework. Ideally, they should be doing some revision every night and a few hours over the weekend.

marialuisa Thu 17-Nov-16 10:55:20

DD has mocks after Christmas. Normal homework and revision for regular class test and controlled assessments mean she's had no time for any other revision. As I'd quite like her not to burn out I've not mentioned it and interestingly enough neither has School.She's a bright girl and I think it's important she maintains a balance in her life between school work and extra curricular.
I think she has a far higher workload than I did 20 years ago, poor thing. she's braced for a fairly miserable Christmas holidays sad

catslife Thu 17-Nov-16 13:42:35

It depends on when the mock exams are to be honest. If before the Christmas holidays, it would help to start revising now, if in January completing coursework may be a higher priority. However as the PP has said it is still important to get a balance and not to burn out with too much revision as well.
dd was in Y11 last year. For some subjects, the homework was designed to help with revision and in others there may be a few in-school revision sessions just before the exams. Much more support and guidance was provided for the real exams than the mocks.
Hope that helps.

Bluntness100 Thu 17-Nov-16 13:46:01

I think the issue is the after school clubs. She's probably going to have to prioritise. I don't feel mocks are hugely important, thy give an indication, but for the actual exams she will maybe have to stop for awhile. There is no point in clubs if she fails her exams,,😞

Lottie4 Thu 17-Nov-16 14:25:08

My DD hasn't revised either. School still giving the same amount of homework and she has been staying until 6pm some nights to get coursework done. Again, she's one for ticking all the boxes and, of course, coursework still carries a good percentage of the marks. She's also had to return twice to school this month for events she has to attend. If they take music they have to take part in music clubs so need to still attend these and there are rehearsals coming up as well.

As said mine is one for really trying to understand and tick the boxes, when others will be out with their friends/messing about on xbox or whatever, so am hoping this has helped her understanding.

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