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Secondary state schools in Guildford with emphasis on sports

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user1479319394 Wed 16-Nov-16 18:13:42


We're moving to Guildford next year and I'm trying to find some honest advice on secondary state schools in Guildford. Our sons are still at primary but very sporty so a good academic secondary with emphasis on sports would be prefect. Any advice appreciated as the catchment will determine where we buy.

Thanks :-)

Namehanger Sun 20-Nov-16 19:30:26

All the central Guildfordsecondary schools are good:

George Abbott - big, very structured, very good results and probably the most sought after. New facilities and I would imagine lots of sport.

Christ College - is the sports academy, but not as sought after and doesn't achieve as well academically. But on the up.

Guildford County - very central, smaller, music academy, not so sporty. Good academics.

St Peters - Catholic, no idea of sports provision.

I would think George Abbott or Christs College.

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