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GrinchyMcGrincherson Wed 09-Nov-16 13:06:52

Looking at CGP books for DD to help with Shakespeare. She struggles with literature and I know I found these helpful. School have told us that these CGP ones will be the best for DD as they are more visual than York Notes (which were what I used back in the day) I have gone onto Amazon and now I'm utterly confused. I need Macbeth but I found two versions:



Is the only difference that the completed play one has the text in as well so the notes are organised alongside the text rather than seperately? Has anyone any idea? The reviews and photos are not helpful enough for me to decipher.

Decorhate Thu 10-Nov-16 06:45:01

You could try ordering from CGP directly - if you give them a call they may be able to advise on the best one. They are a very helpful company to deal with.

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