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St Edward's Oxford (Teddies) + Oxfordshire Relocation tips

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kitkatter Tue 08-Nov-16 11:42:22

We're looking at Teddies in Oxford for 13+ boarding for DS1. Great open morning recently - love that academic entry is gentle but it still produces full range of Oxbridge + Russell Group destinations, and will find & support whichever strength for each child whether art or music etc. Staff seemed down to earth and kids also grounded and not obviously 'privileged'. Also love the location, and that teenagers needing independence can make the most of Oxford on the doorstep. DS1 average academically but loves sport and is musical - not overly confident. I'd love to know any thoughts on Teddies generally, both good and bad.

We might look at Teddies for DS2 or possibly Abingdon (if his academic strength continues and he seems robust enough), though one school for both is always attractive!

We live an hour away from Oxford, but are considering a complete relocation to be within 30 mins or so. Where would be good to live?! We could go anywhere! Need to be commutable to London by train. Not familiar with Oxford roads & traffic so any thoughts on 'in the know' places to live (or avoid) would be much appreciated!

1805 Tue 08-Nov-16 18:15:59

Depends on your budget obviously. Basically, Oxford traffic, and the ring road is pretty bad at peak times. I have to allow 1 hour to make the journey from Didcot area into Oxford in the mornings.
North Oxford v naice and good for Teddies, Villages around Oxford better for Abingdon. If budget not a problem look in and around Summertown or Jericho for Oxford living.
Abingdon do many many bus routes into school from all over, so i don't think it is as important location wise if you want Abingdon School. Or you could consider MCS for ds2 and stay within Oxford. Depends on the school you want.
If you want boarding, don't necessarily rule out Radley either.
Good luck.

Wimbles101 Fri 25-Nov-16 21:34:30

Having grown up in Oxford I'd stay North Oxford area is still the nicest - but very expensive nowadays. Also easy to get into town for commute to London.

HPFA Sun 27-Nov-16 20:40:39

Depends whether you're looking for convenience or prettiness. Didcot has great rail connections to Oxford and London, lovely theatre and cinema and good shopping. Also, in my unbiased opinion , the best state school in the county in Didcot Girls!! (Not much use to your DSs, clearly.) But it couldn't be described as pretty.

I personally wouldn't live in Oxford itself. Pay a fortune for a terrace or semi then find the students next door are having party time every night.

JohnHunter Sun 27-Nov-16 23:15:54

I see St Edwards' boys coming through my A&E from time to time (usually following a rugby match) and agree that they are often very polite and down-to-earth. This isn't the impression that I'm left with by children from all the local independent schools!

Do you have a budget and any requirements (e.g. house size, distance to city centre, etc) besides access to London by train?

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