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Christ's hospital school, Horsham

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Thisismydilemma Sat 05-Nov-16 18:37:49

Has anyone got a DC at CH who is a day pupil and can give me some insight into how it is for their DC / family life? I understand they work Saturdays, do you feel you see too little of them or not?

We are considering this school for our ds next year and would appreciate some input. Thanks smile

ShipwreckedAndComatose Sun 06-Nov-16 08:48:11

I don't have children there but have seen threads about CH in the past. If you do an advanced search for them, they should pop up but I don't know how up to date they would be.

Decorhate Sun 06-Nov-16 08:51:16

It's in the news today...

kkharris1 Mon 07-Nov-16 11:44:13

hi thisismydilemma, my daughter is a full time boarder and has a house mate that is a day student. In fact two of her best friends are day students and so I know the mother's quite well.
My daughter and her friends are in year 8, which is referred to as 3rd Form. my daughter is over the moon with school life there at CH.
The two day students pretty much enjoy life nearly the same as boarders. They have a desk and bed and wardrobe just like the boarders so they can study and hang out with house mates. They do have Saturday school and so that means getting them to school first thing.
Then there are the school actives after class that all the children take part in like sports. CH is big on sports and everyone takes part. What my daughters friends parents are considering is switching from day to boarding because their children really like the connections with their mates and the fun they have as boarders. Boarders do tend to stay until around 8:15 until they finish their prep ie homework. So it's a long day and basically they are coming home for down time and bed. If they have to be to chapel on Sunday morning or evening then you have to consider that as well I believe its compulsory but call the school to confirm that.

I have friends whose children attend day schools attached to boarding and the running commentary is that the children spend a lot of time enjoying school life because a boarding has a lot more going on other than academics and a few extras.

As a parent of a CH student I can't say more good things about it. The grounds are incredible and as of today a £1.2 mil Careers centre has been developed by an Old Blue. They will be leading the way in career progression for our children. Last year they opened a LARC or Languages and Resource Centre building where they have a modern library, and classrooms to teach. Next year the tuck shop will also include a coffee shop. As you may have noticed the theatre is incredible and often the children have cinema night there.

You may read some concerns in this thread about children coming from tough backgrounds, which may be the case for a small group of children but I can say from first hand experience that the children are just like any other children. They are lovely and you'd never know their history at all.
It's a high achieving school. Most children play instruments, sports, do drama, which they have incredible west end type performances that are attended by locals and Old Blues to capacity.
In this world we live in mixing with all nationalities is important, our children must get along with everyone because our society is global.
Sure my daughter has friends that may have lost a parent or a sibling that may have disabilities that put extra pressure on the family. Although a parent may put that on their application CH requires every child to set their entrance exams. The first is a computerized exam, which even the likes of St Pauls requires children to sit. From there the children that are lucky to go to the next faze in January number 240 our of around 800 applications. The assessment at the residential in January is where the teachers put together group tasks, physical assessment, attitude, a personal interview of around 45 minutes plus the written and math papers. CH is looking for bright students that really would benefit from life at CH where they work hard and play hard.
You will find that Day students tend to want to spend the maximum time at school because it's where their peers are. That's why my daughters best friends will be boarders next year.
Good luck with the application process. If your child gets in life as you know it will be different but that is how it is when children go to secondary they suddenly aren't our little primary school kids anymore. That wouldn't be cool.
xx KK

kkharris1 Mon 07-Nov-16 11:59:04

Yes it is in the news for what happened two and three decades ago and I'm so happy that truth has come to light. Happy for the people to be finding some retribution. Happy they have spoken out. Happy that this case will shine a light on any incidences that have occurred at any boarding school.

My daughter is a student at CH and the head teacher informed us parents days before the news broke, which we feel was the right thing to do. I hope this doesn't put parent off sending their children to CH. We live in a different time where our children have technology and I believe that this would be reported by them or their mates immediately. I just wanted to comment because it saddens me and I want parents reading this to know that as a mother I am very happy with CH in 2016. I hope those individuals that did those crimes go to jail for a very long time.

Thisismydilemma Mon 07-Nov-16 16:22:00

Thanks so much for your really informative post kk. I do know the school fairly well, as my do went to CH. my ds has has just completed the assessment weekend, so we will wait in trepidation for the result.

I really hope if he gets a place that it is worth the school fee and it is worth shelling out for the 15k fees. The facilities/opportunities for ds, do look and are amazing.

Do you know how/ if they deal well with bullying. My ds witnessed some unkind behavior in the house against one of the boys at the assessment weekend, which concerned me and I'm thinking of raising it with the school.

kkharris1 Mon 07-Nov-16 17:51:10

Oh my goodness I know how nerve wracking the wait is.
to answer your question about the schools bullying policy and how they deal with it I will share this bit of information.
Last year my daughter and her year group all created a whatsapp group. well a girl was called a name in the chat and as 11 year old children will do a few kids commented back. Little did they know that the head of year, a real tough cookie, found out and was able to print off the whole of the dialogue that took place. I have know Idea how she did this-probably because they use the schools internet they were able to. nevertheless the children in question were all summoned during a year 7 group meeting. The children were questioned, reprimanded and parent's were phoned. I'm happy to say my child was not involved. CH does not play when it comes to bullying of any sort. As you know this goes on at all schools and I went through it as a child myself so I will be the first to react if my child ever went through bullying or took part.
What I learned about the assessment weekend is that for some its the first time they've slept away from home and so act out. This is watched and recorded and dealt with by those in charge. When it comes to boys its about bravado and with girls its about pretending to be more clued in. All the stuff we went through.
I know I sound like a cheerleader for the school but I'm not I'm just a happy mum.
For the money you invest the return is incredible. The children have a confidence that is beyond their years. The conversation my daughter has with me is so delightful. And although the first year was hard for me because we were the ones left at home, she was enjoying her new adventure.
That first year came with disagreements with the house mother simply because I found it tricky to hand over some of my daily responsibility. Now but by the end of the second term we have established a great mom/housemom relationship and I go straight to her about any concerns or like today I texted her to say I'd like to send ingredients for my daughter to make a traditional home made pumpkin pie and she was over the moon. It's about managing the relationship with the people that will be co-parenting your child. Because that truly is what is going to happen. Also another note. If your child gets a place always communicate with the teachers because they really do appreciate it that parent's are on board. It makes such a difference.
I think I've gone on enough.
I really wish you all the best and if your son gets a place do keep in touch I'll give you the skinny.

peaches98 Sat 20-May-17 01:34:09

I had posted a similar question before I saw this. Thank you for all the answers. I am hoping that my son gets a place there for yr7. Not sure how the assessments are. Are they the 11 + bond tests. I have toured the school and really liked. I had been put off by comments from other (posts not here) which suggested that teachers spent more time on troubled kids or kids from troubled homes than the good ones. After reading posts with parents with children there I now have a positive insight of the school. Thank you.

badgerread Wed 07-Jun-17 21:24:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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