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irvineoneohone Tue 01-Nov-16 15:40:31

Sorry for silly question. I am foreign, and have no clue.
What is super selective schools? Could you give me examples?
How clever dc need to be attending?
How clever dc need to be to get bursary/ scholarships?

Mary21 Tue 01-Nov-16 16:22:19

State super selective are schools like Tiffin boys and girls. Henrietta Barnet and QE Boys in North London. They will typically have 1500 sit for 150 places. But the kids sitting the exams will mostly be the top kids in their current schools.
Independent super selective are schools like Westminster. St Paul's boys and Girls. Winchester. Less sit these exams because you also need the ability to pay but entry is still very competitive.
How bright to get a scholarship or bursary depends on the school. Bursaries are dependant on your income. The Whigift foundation has a chart showing what income level and what financial support you could get if they really want your child. Most schools are less generous.
The really big name schools like Elton and Harrow often have a bigger bursary pot.
Some schools on their last legs will offer generous discounts to entice pupils in. So be wary of these.

irvineoneohone Wed 02-Nov-16 06:22:36

Thank you Mary21, for great info.

Spindelina Wed 02-Nov-16 15:00:56

'Superselective' is often used to mean a school where the children with the top scores get in, regardless of where they live (or within a very large defined catchment area). Ordinary selectives often have a smaller formal catchment area, or a lower pass mark (so approx 20% of all children should pass), with the tie breaker between children who have passed (whether scraped through or aced the test) being how far away they live.

DanicaJones Wed 02-Nov-16 15:48:41

Would a school like Wallington High School for Girls in London Borough of Sutton be considered to be Super selective or semi superselective?
100 places to top scorers from wherever, 95 places go out to just under 7 km (highly populated London Boroughs that people move to for the grammars) 15 to pupil premuim top scorers?
Are SS schools the top 5% approx?

JoJoSM2 Wed 02-Nov-16 17:51:03

Danica, Wally Girls is very selective and amongst the highest attaining schools in the country.

DanicaJones Wed 02-Nov-16 20:43:17

Yes it is. I wonder what percentage of the ability range it takes and how this compares to schools that don't operate any catchment area.

DanicaJones Wed 02-Nov-16 20:46:02

Schools with no catchment that take the 11+ top scorers I mean.

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