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update on St Mary's Calne

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gerger Thu 27-Oct-16 16:33:06

Hi, any updated info on St Mary's Calne? I have filled up the registration form for my daughter from Hong Kong, but still hesitate to send it out. The 2016 exam result still not good as before, thinking after few years will the school be better since the entry year will be in 2019. Thanks

Parsley1234 Thu 27-Oct-16 16:42:26

Know a few parents whose girls have gone through in last few years not very impressed with results, pastoral care or outcomes. There have been some interesting threads about st Mary's in the last few years if you google.

sendsummer Thu 27-Oct-16 18:27:57

I've just had a cursory glance, the GCSE results seem pretty stable, the A level results more mixed. It is possible that reflects a less selective more mixed ability cohort than in previous years. You could ring admissions and ask (obviously expecting some positive spin).
Late registration is likely be possible if you want to wait for a visit or another couple of years of results.
I have heard some positive feedback about the school from a few parents with DDs boarding but nothing beats a visit and talking to the girls as well as teachers.

gerger Sun 30-Oct-16 09:45:51

Thank you all the info, may be will visit the school first.

bojorojo Sun 30-Oct-16 12:30:17

I really do think that some schools are not all about results. A boarding school should have lots going on and, of course academics are important, but there should be so much more to do. There is a wide choice of schools in th West of England and a school cannot always guarantee to get the best academic girls. If I was looking from Hong Kong, I would be more persuaded about what the weekend activities were so that my daughter was occupied at weekends and not just lounging about in the boarding house. If you have several years to go, why not visit a number of schools when you come over and see what ones you like best and talk to other pupils, especially ones from Hong Kong. You have lots of choice!

oriol Mon 27-Mar-17 18:46:06

I have not been impressed with the organisation nor the teaching. Very uninspiring lessons and learning shifted to girls by way of extremely demanding workload. Most girls suffering from high levels of stress which seems actively encouraged by the staff hoping to scare the girls into working even harder to attain results. Much more needs to be done to make learning enjoyable and positive. On the upside, the girls here are delightful, unspoiled and friendly.

silvermoonlight Sun 14-May-17 18:31:18

I'm interested in any latest development of this school. Saw previous threads but seriously consider to send DD there. We prefer single sex and our other offers are co-ed. It's the most expensive one though. Anyone knows more details or has DD there?

Dapplegrey2 Mon 15-May-17 08:43:00

It is possible that reflects a less selective more mixed ability cohort than in previous years.
sendsummer you may well be right. Are co ed schools becoming more popular so that single sex schools are finding it harder to recruit pupils?

Ladymom Tue 17-Oct-17 21:02:42

Hi, I’m from HK too. We just visited. It’s a superb school. Go see for yourself. Marked difference from Queen Ethelburgas.

Ladymom Sun 22-Oct-17 11:51:52

How to get to St Mary's Calne.
Hi, Just want to share as we just visited, to save future parents the headache of figuring out how to get to a school! We learnt the hard way to Queen Ethelburga's as it is out of nowhere!
For St Mary's Calne, it is SO.....EASY!
Take bus from Heathrow Terminal 4 to Chippenham, a very small, simple town. Bus ride is the best as you don't need to change trains etc and a really relaxing ride, you can sleep, eat and you're there!
Arrive Chippenham (alight at the bus stop NOT Sainsbury/train station), walk about 5 minutes to the bus stop. There is a direct bus to St Mary Calne, it stops right outside the school!
Return the same way!
We really like the school, very cosy, super friendly staff. Unlike Queen Ethelburga's, we saw students in uniform with make-up. Horror!
Good luck dear momssmile

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