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GCSE maths/English new grade

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Hopeful646 Thu 27-Oct-16 09:55:06

Hi, I have a son currently in year 10, he will be sitting his GCSEs in 2018 . Does anyone know whether a grade 4 or 5 will be needed in Maths and English so they don't need to resist ? I know it's a grade 4 for those sitting in 2017 , and eventually it will be a grade 5 but when is it changing ?
Any information would be great . Thank you

noblegiraffe Thu 27-Oct-16 10:07:37

Current Y10 will only need a 4 to not be required to resist by the government but I've read on here that some colleges will be requiring grade 4 students to resit anyway.

A 5 will be the good pass whatever year they take the exam in so students who get a 4 may end up disadvantaged further down the line by employers.

Hopeful646 Thu 27-Oct-16 10:47:33

Thank you for you reply . Not easy for the borderline C students ( old grading ) which is where my son will probably be at end of year 11 .

noblegiraffe Thu 27-Oct-16 11:23:52

No, it's not easy at all, the whole thing is a bit of a mess. I'm currently teaching a Y11 borderline 3/4/5 class (who can predict grades when we know nothing about grade boundaries?) and find it really difficult not having answers to their questions.

At least your DS is in Y10 so the teachers/colleges will have gone through everything once already and so have a better idea of what's going on. You will hopefully find that next September people will know a bit more.

Hopeful646 Thu 27-Oct-16 11:37:43

Yes ,let's hope everyone knows more next September. Can't be easy at all for all you teachers . You do an amazing job .

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