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Music lessons, the real deal from an experienced teacher

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user1477323940 Mon 24-Oct-16 17:14:46

Dear All,

I have been reading various threads regarding music lessons and I have been quite surprised by some of the commentary I have seen. I would like to say that very often peripatetic teachers in schools are earning a sub-standard wage for their rigorous years of training. I am located in London and I know that Councils offer low rates of pay to music teachers in comparison to the cost of living in this expensive city. Music teachers are often hop to several school each day in order to earn adequate wages to pay bills. Participating in music as a child is pleasurable and beneficial to their cognitive development in innumerable ways. And of course, it's FUN! However, due to that very fact, it's often the misconception that teaching music is an 'easy' profession. I can assure you it's not: it takes expertise, skill, creativity, care, and energy. Most music teachers possess all of those qualities in abundance. To become a professional musician takes years, and thousands of hours of hard work, practice, and commitment; arguably more time spent, for example, than one would study to become a GP, or a (always well paid) plumber. I have 25 years' experience as a professional musician and teacher, and I have lived in many places around the world, which in many ways has facilitated successful communication with my students and their families. As such I charge £50 per hour/£40 per 45 minutes to teach students in their homes. This is considered a reasonable rate considering my experience, time and travel around London. In other areas of the country, or when a teacher is very local to their students, they may charge a bit less. If a music teacher is advertising lessons which look too-good-to-be-true cheap, I would be sure to research the teacher thoroughly. I hope this clears up some of the points on these threads. Thank you smile

originalmavis Mon 24-Oct-16 17:18:38

That's about what I pay DSs teacher at school for his lessons. You couldn't pay me 10x that to listen to a grade 1 violin for any length of time.

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