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Eton House choices

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user1476996225 Mon 24-Oct-16 11:00:55

I've read what I can find on this in other threads. We are in the process of choosing a HM and being chosen by one. Our DS has a conditional offer for 2018. I have a specific question that I hope one of you with experience of Eton can answer. I am struggling to find anywhere which are the 'sporty' houses, which the 'musical' ones, or do they still exist? Every housemaster we've met has said he runs an all round house. This is exactly what we'd like, but we'd been told one of our four was very much a musical house. DS is quite sporty, loves drama and is a general joiner in but is not really musical. I don't want to express a preference for a house and then find once we get there that it is actually considered a house for sporty or musically gifted boys. Our prep school rarely sends boys to Eton so they don't have much insight. Finally, I know there's no such thing as a 'best house' but I would appreciate some insight into which HMs are considered to run a good house.

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