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Westminster School Comments/ Reviews

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kerelenacherry Sun 23-Oct-16 00:14:09

Hey everyone, my DD is planning to apply for Westminster School for Sixth Form we are doing our homework and preparing questions to ask, so any experience or comments (both positive and negative, ie. Why or why not Westminster) would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much!! Any tips for interviews, writing personal statements and tests would be useful too, thank you!!

Dancingdreamer Sun 23-Oct-16 10:08:58

I have PM'd you.

Itsneverlate Sun 23-Oct-16 13:00:50

Dancingdreamer, could you please PM to me. I have the same question.

Dancingdreamer Sun 23-Oct-16 13:35:36

Itsneverlate - of course. Will PM now

gaoboxm Wed 26-Oct-16 13:27:34

please PM me also, thanks

gaoboxm Wed 26-Oct-16 13:31:22

Hi, do you have some past paper to share? Thank you. what are the questions?

Dancingdreamer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:09:52

Gaoboxm - have PMd you

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