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Teachers - have any of you had alternative therapies?

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pindy Thu 08-Feb-07 14:15:18


I am researching the effects of some holistic therapies ie; reflexology, indian head massage and aromatherapy, in relation to the teaching profession and their stress.

If anyone has had any experience of these therapies and how they helped (or didn't) I would be very grateful to know.

Many thanks X

pindy Thu 08-Feb-07 23:37:18

bump - i know some secondary teachers are off withe the snow 2moro!!!! wld love to hear from you!!!!X

pindy Fri 09-Feb-07 08:49:00


fizzbuzz Mon 12-Feb-07 21:05:27

Well I had refloxology which got rid of interstitial cystitis. Not sure if this heps.........

olivo Tue 27-Feb-07 15:22:03

am i too late for this? have had reflexology and reiki to help with stress - expensive but well worth it!

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