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Gipsy Hill School - any thoughts?

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Eddie77 Fri 14-Oct-16 11:25:47

Hi, my daughter is in Year 6 at Paxton Primary so we've been looking at secondary schools and there are lots of good ones locally (Kingsdale, Norwood, Elmgreen plus the Harris chain and Sydenham). However, there is also the new Gipsy Hill School opening in September which is an extra choice outside the pan-London admissions (as it's a new free school in its first year). They're planning to use part of our primary school as the interim site for the secondary school until their permanent school is built. I went to the open event which all sounded lovely but I wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on how you create a secondary school 'experience' within a primary school setting? Has anyone else been to see the school and have any comments on sending a child to a new, unproven school?

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