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Anyone know anything about Friesland School, Sandiacre?

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Loubz Wed 12-Oct-16 18:14:00

Hi everyone
We're planning to apply here despite it not being our catchment school. We wondered if anyone can recommend it or if anyone has heard any negative stories please?
Thank you!

clary Thu 13-Oct-16 00:32:17

I am sort of in the area and know a couple of teachers there... why is it on your list if you are not in catchment? Is your catchment school not a good choice?

AFAIK it is fine; not outstanding or owt like George Spencer, not got mega exam results like West Park. A number of people I know with Sandiacre as an option have ended up choosing West Park but it's not for everyone.

kateclarke Sat 15-Oct-16 10:00:29

I know someone who went there just for the performing arts stuff. She was very disappointed with both the opportunities and teaching quality.

I also know kids there just because it's their local school who seen happy enough. I don't get the impression it's anything special.

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