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GCSE maths topic that used to be part of AS

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whyayepetal Wed 12-Oct-16 13:30:37

Can anyone help me? Went to a sixth form open evening with DD, and maths teacher asked if she'd covered a certain topic in maths. DD said no, and teacher said she probably would soon, and that it was on GCSE syllabus now but used to be taught at AS level. Many other conversations were had on the day, and neither of us can remember what the topic was. Any clues welcome! (Just want to make sure all topics are on the radar when we get to revision) Thanks in advance.

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Wed 12-Oct-16 13:53:39


whyayepetal Wed 12-Oct-16 14:05:15

Thanks TSMR. I remember calculus being mentioned, so could be that. Is there anything else you know of that used to be in AS but is now GCSE maths? I'm no great shakes at maths so a bit lost with all this!

DrDreReturns Wed 12-Oct-16 14:06:37

This is a complete guess - but could it be some trigonometry?

noblegiraffe Wed 12-Oct-16 14:06:54

Have a look at page 5 and 6 of this document- it lists the new topics for both tiers and for just higher tier:

(Calculus isn't on there, but finding gradients by drawing tangents to curves and estimating the area under curves is, it's probably that)

whyayepetal Wed 12-Oct-16 14:38:29

Thanks very much for your replies Dr and noble - and thanks for the link noble - I'll have a look at that smile

scaevola Wed 12-Oct-16 16:57:19

Calculus used to be O level. Or at least it was on the exam board I did.

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