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Any advice on how the Prendergast Hilly Fields music scholarship works?

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flupcake Fri 07-Oct-16 11:50:19

Hi, has anyone been through this and can talk me through it?
Firstly, there is a music aptitude test (tomorrow).
If successful, child is called for audition.
If successful, child is offered a music scholarship place (10% of applicants so only 12 children so not a very high chance I know!) before the 31 October CAF deadline.
Do you have to accept the music scholarship place straight away?
Do you list it on the CAF under additional information, and then the LEA takes it into account? Or does the school let the LEA know which children they are taking under scholarship?
Do you have to put Prendergast as first choice if you are offered scholarship?
Thanks for any advice!

SE13Mummy Sun 09-Oct-16 01:30:50

A couple of weeks after the audition, you will receive a letter with your child's overall ranking. Ranks 1-12 will be told that their child has a guaranteed place at Prendergast provided it is included as one of the preferences on the CAF (mention the music place in the application). The letter also explains that if your child is eligible for a place at a different school, which is a higher preference on the CAF, then your child would be offered a place at the higher preference school.

There's no way to accept the place until after National Offer Day.

flupcake Sun 09-Oct-16 10:53:04

Thank you, that's helpful, just what I wanted to know.

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