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Turing House - Twickenham: Do your children go - are they happy, are you happy?

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Tummytuckrequired Wed 05-Oct-16 13:34:33

Hi - looking at secondary places for Sept 2017 and currently assessingTuring House - Twickenham. We live in the Strawberry Hill black hole for boys and the only school catchments we fall into for DS is Turing or TA. TA is a definite no for us. Turing - I know is new and I know they have finally found a new school site but what is it like? My DS is currently undergoing tutoring for 11+ private school entry. I would really like to avoid paying private if there is a good state equivalent. My son needs pushing to do well - he is easily distracted. My eldest DD is at Waldegrave and that is an amazing school in terms of pastoral care but with a determined focus on pupils achieving their educational potential. We would love DS to go to a state equivalent. Do you have children at Turing - is the education of a high standard? Do they like it - do you like it? All feedback welcome.

Minstrelsareyum Wed 05-Oct-16 13:41:29

No DC there but also applying for 2017 entry. All the feedback, playground chat etc that I have had from parents with children there has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic and the recent open morning and open evening seemed to portray a relaxed, calm and happy educational environment. We are probably going to put it as first choice. Only negative is the upheaval of moving to a new site..

Tummytuckrequired Wed 05-Oct-16 13:45:34


LottieProsser Wed 05-Oct-16 17:33:47

There are various current Turing parents contributing to the Richmond Schools chat thread on the local mumsnet for Richmond so you should ask there or start a thread there.

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