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Alleyns/JAGS 11+ and other options

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fleurdelacourt Wed 05-Oct-16 11:59:08

have a dd in Y6 and had been looking forward to joining in the usual threads about SW/S London schools - but none have appeared yet?

we went to the Alleyns open day on Sat - the usual chaos! but overall I'm really liking this school for dd, although am a bit concerned about the odds against getting in...

We've also registered for JAGS - but think those odds are even worse?

Wondered what everyone else was choosing as back up options?

user1475317873 Wed 05-Oct-16 15:00:57

The ones I know going for private are putting on top of those two:

City of London School for Girls
Bromley High

Other options are Sydenham High and St Dustans

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