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CAT scores!

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stillcluelessmum Tue 04-Oct-16 13:46:23

I wondered if there are any experts here who can explain what these mean! DS has been placed in top English sets for maths, English and science at his new (comprehensive) school. He did very well in his Y6 SATS and, as expected, scored v. highly in maths which he has always been very good at; he has never liked or excelled at writing although his comprehension is good - always been the type of boy who writes the smallest amount he thinks he can get away with! School has now posted his CAT scores on the parent portal (no context or explanation) and I'm a little surprised at the range of scores and by the fact that his quantitative test scores was by far his lowest. I'm hoping someone can help me to interpret these - is it common to have such a range of results and for children to have CAT results that don't really fit with primary assessment/SATS/where we thought his strengths lie ? I know they measure very different things but I suppose I was expecting some correlation.The actual scores are: non-verbal SAS - 130, verbal SAS, 124, quantitative 103, mean 120. Also, what is the 'mean' as it isn't the mean average of the first three scores? Does any of it really matter for GCSE and above ? Many thanks to anyone that can help.

stillcluelessmum Tue 04-Oct-16 13:49:22

How do I delete a duplicate post - do I need to report it?!

Longlost10 Tue 04-Oct-16 13:53:38

it is supposed to assess potential, rather than what he has already learnt, or decided he likes, etc. In fact, it doesn't it just assesses how much practice the children have had on similar activities

stillcluelessmum Tue 04-Oct-16 14:18:19

That is interesting as I didn't think children could be prepared for CATS ! He didn't take 11+ so would have had no previous experience of these type of tests (if indeed they are at all similar!). Thank you.

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