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Extra time advised by psych ed report not given at tormead

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surfandbeach Tue 04-Oct-16 09:20:00

my daughter saw a psych ed and the subsequent report stated that she needed 25% extra time in testing due to slow processing speed. The report has been largely ignored by Tormead. In the first year there her teacher was unaware for half the year of its existence, now the junior head has stated that she will not be allowed the 25% extra time for the test to enter the senior school. I knew it was an academic school but had hoped that it also catered for girls who needed a little extra help. We were initially shown around by a senior school girl with dyslexia, so i had hoped for a slightly more nurturing environment, but my daughter is now displaying signs of extreme anxiety, which i had hoped to avoid by moving her to Tormead Junior. Has anyone had a similar experience? We are now looking at different schools.

Davros Tue 04-Oct-16 10:15:37

DD was allowed this E tea time for senior school entry tests. She does not get it for internal school tests and exams and she seems to be managing without. If it were a problem I think this could be allowed. Her school will organise extra time for all pupils with appropriate Ed Psych assessments for public exams. She is at a London independent. I think you need to persist with the school or rethink

DS1 was given extra time and a laptop for his senior school exams as that is what an EP had recommended. I think the school are being unreasonable and are out of line with what other schools are doing.

Longlost10 Tue 04-Oct-16 13:57:52

You can't get extra time on the recommendation of an ed pych any more, that system was open to abuse. You get it on the recommendation, and evidence provided by the class teacher

fourcorneredcircle Tue 04-Oct-16 14:09:25

Extra time, readers and scribes can now only be applied for by completing a series of tests run by a qualified teacher (very specific qualifications - not something many can do). Ask who is their qualified exams access assessor and if they don't have one ask them to provide one

Be prepared to be told you'll have to pay as I think you're talking about an independent school. Also, many schools won't assess until children are at the end of year nine as the arrangements are only current for two years and the JQCA keep changing the goal posts. It would be a disaster for children to be used to working one way then be told they no longer qualify.

As longlost said the ed psyche's report doesn't work anymore because previous evidence of system abuse.

catslife Tue 04-Oct-16 14:34:18

I am not sure the school is at fault here. The rules on extra time have been tightened up considerably over the past few years for all schools and a much smaller number of children now qualify. As others have said, schools now have qualified personnel who carry out tests on their behalf. Most schools would test pupils if they had any concerns.
Slow processing alone may not be enough, I understand that pupils now have to be below the "threshold" in 2 or more areas.

surfandbeach Wed 05-Oct-16 15:04:42

Thanks very much everyone. I appreciate the help.

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