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Kings College Wimbledon for 6th Form - Girl

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Blandings Fri 30-Sep-16 13:36:04


I was wondering whether anybody has any recent views/comments on KCS Wimbledon for girls in 6th form?

I've heard mixed things previously but better things recently. Do all girls (sporty, swotty, popular) enjoy it? What are the negatives as well as the positives? I'm interested in any views warts and lal.

We've visited on a few occasions and DD is keen as am I. She is currently at a girls school which she/I like but it isn't perfect from a sports/extra-curricular perspective and she's eager to continue with the sports stuff in 6th form, which Kings is pretty good at.

How difficult an exam is it and how tricky is the interview?

I feel that it will be a good move if she can get in but naturally am concerned about doing the wrong thing.


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