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St leonards on sea/ bexhill/ Hastings best schools help please

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debbiewest0 Tue 27-Sep-16 10:14:00

Hello all. We are thinking of moving into the above area but yet to narrow down a specific area. (Any of these areas I should not move into????!)
I would really appreciate any opinions on any of the secondary schools in the area...
Any to avoid or are struggling?
Any amazing that you recommend?
Looking at websites and visiting never gives a whole picture but the parents can.
My son has been bullied at primary and they don't really seem to try and push the kids (as in I am not a pushy parent but wouldn't mind if the kids ever got told to do a piece of home learning or read a book or correct spellings etc.) so really want to find him a great secondary to get him excited about learning again. He will arrive ready to join year 6 and then apply for secondary.
Any tips or help would be amazing.

Thank you

reup Tue 27-Sep-16 19:08:43

I know lots of people who have moved out to Battle (for Claverham school) or to Robertsbridge for their school. I don't know what the others schools are like now (I grew up there) and if they arent great or it's some sort of thinking everythings better in the country sort of attitude.

lavenderbongo Tue 27-Sep-16 19:13:16

I used to live in the area so my knowledge may be a tad out of date, but I agree re Claverhan - it was always regarded as a very good school.

St. Richards in Bexhill used to be considered good - it's obviously Catholic.

William Parker - the boys school is okay if you have a son that is very sporty/tough/very boyish. It's not good for shy, retiring, sensitive souls - I have known people who wee bullied quite badly there.

debbiewest0 Tue 27-Sep-16 19:16:21

Thanks guys. Will look at claverhan as I'd not looked at battle but like that area too.

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