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Cross with DS's School over GCSE Remark

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Icequeen01 Sat 24-Sep-16 08:52:05

Sorry to remind everyone of the whole GCSE results day trauma smile but I'm really cross with DS's school (and ourselves if I'm honest). On results day my DS was shocked by both his English gradess, which were both C's. He was expecting a B or possibly an A. On the actual morning he got his results his Head of English spoke to him and advised him to get his English Language paper remarked and also told him that the school were considering sending off all the literature papers as the grades were all so low. We also,subsequently spoke to her and she reiterated this to us and that they would be in touch with their decision.

Yesterday my DS told us school had told everyone they were not going for a remark as a sample had been sent off to examining board but all had come back with the same marks. I do understand their decision but today DS got his remark back for his Language paper and it has been remarked as a B. I phoned the school and said we would pay to have the other English paper remarked ourselves only to be told the remarking deadline was last Tuesday! Exam officer said students had been reminded of the deadline but I explained we hadn't done anything as we assumed as we hadn't heard from them that they were were asking for the remark (stupid in hindsight!).

I know there is nothing we can do now and I am cross with ourselves for not being more pro-active but I'm still disappointed for him. He did OK in his exams (bright but very lazy boy angry) who got 1 A and 9 B's and now 1C confused May be this will act as a kick up the pants for his A levels. Not sure what the point of my post is really, I guess just to vent smile

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