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What to say to a parent about bullying

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yohoohoo Fri 16-Sep-16 20:29:53

Ok we live on a cul de sac near a park where all the kids gather play football etc. Kids all go to the same school and are a mix of new yr 7's up to y10. Most have siblings or parents are teachers at the school. So one particular boy whose abit hot headed and abit of a team leader always picks on DS age 11 the boy is about 14. DS is only child and youngest of the kids. The odd time other kids will stick up for DS but majority of the time they dont say anything. Incidents are when playing football kicks rhe ball to DSs head when he's in goal...tackling him hard to the ground ... all extra harsh on DS. Quite often it ends with DS storming off home and crying. So this has been going on a good while now and all over the summer. Weve spoken to DS and told him to try and ignore the boy, try to stick up for himself but he says u cant do that with this boy etc. Tonight after a hard week at schoo, DS has just started secondary where all kids go and having fun at the park again the boy starts on DS kicking the ball to his head DS storms off home. Im absolutely sick of it I was going to go and speak to thd boy but didnt think it appropriate especially in front of others as could come back on DS especially at school. So what do I do? I know his mother a little and am wondering whether to go snd speak to her tom. What do others suggest

nicp123 Sat 17-Sep-16 18:09:05

If your DS is the youngest of the group... he needs one or two mates of his own invited to the park to play their own game. Monitoring the bully rather than confronting him will be better. Once your child has his own witnesses you can approach asking about what his issues are.

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