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Should have started it earlier....

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ktfs Wed 14-Sep-16 22:04:01

It's 945pm
Dd got home at 7 from after school activities and spent an hr avoiding her homework. Then spent 20 mins pretending to look for a price of plain paper then another showing off that she couldn't find any.
Miraculously finding the initial piece and has now taken an hr to trace a small picture and colour it In with biro because she's too lazy to look for colours and then draw the teeniest details on a picture that really won't have any effect on the final product.
I have given her advice all the way through this drawn out process but she has ignored it all and is now stropping that she may get detention for not having finished it. I've told her is. Too late to be up doing it now why not get up a bit earlier in the morning and instead of watching the telly or going on Instagram why not finish it then or plead your case to the teacher and see if you can hand it in the next day???
In a nut shell - she's not listened to advice and help and is now being a stroppy tired preteen who hates the world and everything that gets in her way...... And may actually get detention ..... Her first ever so not the end of the world...... But will she learn? That's the question!!!!!

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