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Welsh Bac -experiences please?

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Stopyourhavering Wed 14-Sep-16 15:35:15

DS is in upper 6th and doing Welsh Bac , along side A level Biology, Physics and Geography ( with EPQ in Geography)... He only got CDD in his AS so is needing to maximise his points for UCAS form.
Currently thinking of either Environmental/ Ocean Science or Forensic Anthropology , so I know he will need to up his game to get decent grades-
His Welsh Bac teacher is giving them very little guidance on what is needed and I have a feeling he is losing interest in this non subject ( compulsory)which will ultimately also affect his performance in other subjects
He gets very defensive when I mention that he needs to put in the work to achieve the grades needed- I'm being made to feel like an awful pushy mother , but I know he has the intelligence ( As and Bs in GCSE) but not the motivation( he's only just 17 and youngest in yr so I know he has a lot of growing up to do..... Aargh I thought he'd be easier than DDs who both have dyslexia yet have excelled in Uni!
Any advice gratefully received!

Sadik Wed 14-Sep-16 16:21:06

DD's only in yr 9, but I have to say friends dc have been deeply unmoved by Welsh Bac (particularly the fact that they have to do it at GCSE level, then again at A level. So I don't think that your DS is alone.

Sadik Wed 14-Sep-16 16:21:25

Sorry, she's in yr 10 0 so just starting it.

Peaceandl0ve Wed 14-Sep-16 20:44:28

My DD did welsh bacc advanced level. It may seem a waste but she declared that the work was not that taxing but there was a lot of it. Turn up, do the tasks well and take the points. My view is that it teaches the kids the skills we complain are left out of education. Even more so as she did science A levels, the welsh bacc helped her reseach and essay skills. Her project was 5000 words on a topic that gave her something to write in her uni app, and then something to discuss at interview.

You may guess i am a fan. My DS is in year 10 and embarking on Welsh Bacc. I have told him that he has to do it, he may as well get the best from it!

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