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Missed Tiffin Girls exam application date. Any hope?

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BicycleRider Wed 14-Sep-16 11:17:20

Hi. I've missed the date for registering DD for the Tiffin Girls exam. Just wondering if anyone else has missed it and still been able to do the exam or has any info on it? Thank you very much!

TRL Wed 14-Sep-16 11:37:51

No experience of this but in their admission arrangements online it says:

SIFs received after the SIF Deadline and
before the Stage One Test will be treated as
late but may in exceptional circumstances
be accepted if received at least three
working days before the Stage One Test day.

You can but contact the school and explain your exceptional circumstances and see what they say....

GeorgeTheThird Wed 14-Sep-16 11:41:02

Erm. Call the school?

Bountybarsyuk Wed 14-Sep-16 11:44:49

Immediately contact the school and throw yourself on their mercy. It can't hurt to ask. You will be asked to give a reason though, so make it a good one.

BicycleRider Wed 14-Sep-16 11:46:00

I have called the school, they said nope. Was just hoping against hope that someone else had been this stupid and managed to get round it.

tiggytape Wed 14-Sep-16 13:57:57

A few years ago there was quoite an argument over this and I beleive it di dinvolve Tiffins. A group of parents won the right to have their child sit a later exam having missed the deadline. They relied in part on the wording of the admissions Code (which even in the updated version) states:

Admission authorities must not refuse to admit a child solely because:
a) they have applied later than other applicants;

The crucial word being "solely"
Obviously if a child fails any test then they can be refused but if they have missed an arbitrary date (not one set down by admissions law) it is arguable that the school refusing them a chance to apply on this basis counts as refusing entry solely due to a late application.

I'll see if I can find anything from when it happened before.

tiggytape Wed 14-Sep-16 14:02:49

It was 2012. There is a news article here.

An extract reads:
headteacher Hilda Clarke wrote to parents to say it was obliged by law to offer the second exam.

She wrote that late changes by the Government to the admission code in February had forced selective schools to change the dates of their examinations to an earlier date in the autumn term “causing other problems beyond our control”.

She added: “We are legally obliged to test any student who names us on the Common Application Form, hence the need to test late applicants. Many parents seem to think that the remaining weeks of practice will make a huge difference. This is not true.”

BicycleRider Wed 14-Sep-16 14:37:02

Thank you so much! Will see if I can get anywhere with this. Am really kicking myself.

nocampinghere Thu 15-Sep-16 10:57:03

but wasn't 2012 the year they randomly moved the deadline to apply to July and lots of people missed it. complained that it hadn't been properly and clearly communicated?

nocampinghere Thu 15-Sep-16 10:59:04

but also in 2012 they didn't have the two stage test so could test late applicants.

now the first stage is on 4 october (so i can't believe they can't include you, you're not that late) but after that date how can they include late applicants - it would be very unfair to put them straight into the top 400 stage 2 test

tiggytape Thu 15-Sep-16 11:08:13

That is very true. It was the year that it was decided parents needed to know the 11+ outcome before the October 31st deadline so that they didn't waste choices on their forms.

Although, for Tiffins like many grammar schools, the pass / fail outcome that they will be told is of little help since so many children sit the test and so many therefore pass relative to the number of school places. Knowing that your child has passed gives you no guarantee that Tiffins is a realistic option.

And I agree that OP isn't even that late in this case. The test hasn't been missed and the application deadline of October 31st has not passed. OP is not late - only in the sense of the school's admin cut off and I would hope the school would allow her child to sit it once she insists that she intends to apply and name the school anyway.

However even if it was October 30th today and the test had been missed or February 1st 2017 and the application deadline missed to be classed as an on-time applicant, no school is allowed to simply refuse a childjust because they've applied later than other children. There has to be a process whereby someone can decide to apply for a school at any date and have their application considered and processed and then join the waiting list if they want to. Having a cut off date for a test way before the test and way before the official application deadline excludes people even before they are officially late. And it would also seem there is no process fr people who are genuinely late eg the people who will move at Christmas and might like to apply as they have every right to.

nocampinghere Thu 15-Sep-16 11:17:41

all good points tiggytape

BicycleRider if i were you i would tell them you are going to name them on your CAF and that legally they cannot exclude late applicants. they might just give in.

Keepingontop Tue 20-Sep-16 02:09:05

I don't know what to say to this, this has the longest deadline for each academic year for application and to miss the deadline is inconceivable at this stage. Maybe it's not meant to be and focus on what you have applied for. Kind of others to give you options this late stage, but really there aren't any. If you want your child at the school you would have completed the application when requested. If you can't then it's just not for you

nocampinghere Tue 20-Sep-16 09:23:15

bit harsh keepingontop

application deadline for state schools is 31st October
i don't think it is "inconceivable" to not realise Tiffin has their own much earlier one.

tiggytape Tue 20-Sep-16 09:33:23

If you want your child at the school you would have completed the application when requested. If you can't then it's just not for you
So what about children who have only just moved to the area, who haven't yet missed any national deadline and have decided they would like to apply?
Or children who will move to London or Surrey in January 2017 and who accept they'll be late applicants but still want to apply so they can go on the waiting list if they pass the test?

There cannot be a school application system that says "apply earlier then the national deadline or never have the chance to be considered for this school - ever." The Admissions Code (which has the force of law) states that children cannot be rejected solely because they applied later than others (they can however be treated less favourably in the initial allocation stage which is allowed) and therefore all schools must have a way of dealing with late applicants beyond telling them "tough luck."

Blu Tue 20-Sep-16 23:18:00

"Kind of others to give you options this late stage, but really there aren't any. If you want your child at the school you would have completed the application when requested. If you can't then it's just not for you"

This explains so much about the demography in selective and super selective schools.

I have no idea why the OP missed the deadline but how would a parent automatically know that schools like Tiffin have a timescale completely outside the usual CAF process, unless they have friends who are in the know? Unless they are at a school gate where other parents are thinking about selective places? Apparently if you are not in those circles 'it just isn't for you'. Most schools are only just starting to do their Open Days.

And clearly, according to Tiggytape who is knowledgeable rather than opinionated, there ARE reasons why the OP could be admitted late.

OP; I hope you do get somewhere. Whatever your reasons. Because even if you are a feckless drunk and used the form to roll a spliff rather than posting it, I don't see why CHILDREN should suffer because parents are not of the type that tiffin is 'for you'.

Can you tell I am cross ?grin

SuzyLucy Wed 21-Sep-16 07:32:00

Agree with you blu.

keepingontop, you couldn't have sounded more of a smug, sanctomonious, supercilious twat if you'd tried. Get over yourself.

Good luck OP.

nocampinghere Wed 21-Sep-16 08:45:37

maybe keepingontop thinks Kingston is like Kent and ALL the grammar school tests are done by now. Tiffin is a complete anomaly in LB Kingston & Richmond where most of the children come from.

or maybe she has a not bright enough child applying and is putting off any competition she can

let us know how you get on BicycleRider

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