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Annieg1234 Mon 12-Sep-16 10:25:42

Hi, Looking for some advice or personal experience.
My 15 yr old daughter has been having mental health problems for the last year which came to ahead in June when she attempted to kill herself twice.
I have now given up work and am with her 24 hrs a day, the summer holidays were difficult as she has been put on meds and having weekly CAMHs sessions he anxiety has hightened to the point where she wont leave my side.
I have tried, with support from the school to get her into school since the new term began but she dosent seem to be able to cope with it. She has been attending a small unit within the school for over 7 months in which there are only a handful of students and 4 LSAs but she cant/wont even attend this now even though i attempt to take her in after other students arrive and before they leave as she cannot cope with the school environment.
I am beginning to think that the school environment is too much for her in her current state of mind and whether she would be better for her to attend an education facility away from a school environment but have no idea how to find out about this

Scout63 Mon 12-Sep-16 19:54:04

Hi there. I'm so sorry for your trouble. It sounds like a dreadful time for you and for your poor daughter. I really hope she is feeling a little better now. You must be beside yourself with worry about her. I'm not sure if I can be all that much help to you but I didn't want to read and run. I do know something of what you're going through. My own 15yo girl missed six months of school in Y10 for a killer combination of anxiety and depression and is also struggling to get back to Y11 because her anxiety is once more sky high. Our local authority offer a Home Hospital Tuition Service which helped her at least to get past the threshold so it might be worth starting there. We're now fighting for flexibility with the GCSE syllabus - some in Y11, some in Y12 perhaps. It's a hellish time and I do sympathise with you both. Good luck and look after yourself. flowers

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