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AQA Spoken Language Endorsement

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woodlands01 Sun 11-Sep-16 10:59:59

My daughter was given the task of preparing for this over the summer holidays (Y11 September 2016). On return, names pulled out a hat to plan the order. 6 students to do the first day on Friday 9th September. One had a note from Mum - not preparing over summer holiday so needed to go later (allowed), one had a note from parents asking to be allowed to do it in front of small group not whole class (allowed), one very clever girl said she was too panicky to go on first day and could she go later (allowed, even though she told everyone afterwards she hadn't prepared). My daughter went on first day and is very put out that others have the opportunity to prepare/change/modify based on seeing the first 6 presentations. It also occurred to me that my daughter will, for the next 4 English lessons, be listening to the rest of the presentations and not doing any other English work which seems rather a waste of time in year 11.
I would be interested in hearing how other school have organised this assessment - is there a more efficient and fair way?

LooseAtTheSeams Sun 11-Sep-16 14:14:35

Your DD will have been fine and now has it out of the way. The student who didn't prepare in the holidays now has to prepare it on top of other work.
I did a few each week but The lessons are much longer because it's once a week at college so we do other work as well. Those who weren't ready risk having to come back in the holiday - though it's different for nervous students and the rules totally allow for a small group.
Your daughter should be ready to hear other presentations but she can ask really awkward questions! After all, no one can do that back to her now, can they?

jr2116 Sun 11-Sep-16 14:45:43

My DS''s school did the assessment back before Easter. They had a week of lessons to prepare, then a week of presentations.They used a random name generator and if you weren't ready yet they said tough.

QueenofQuirkiness Sun 11-Sep-16 22:00:50

That doesn't sound too fair, but life isn't fair, and at least your DD has got the assessment out of the way and will be able to focus on other homework/controlled assessments whilst these pupils have to prepare on top of all this. I would be a bit concerned about the lack of teaching during the presentations, not really sure how to approach that with the school though.
My DD has her speaking assessment in three weeks and is learning a bit every night, but doesn't like that she has to prepare for it in term time, so I think your DD was right to get it done and dusted

woodlands01 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:17:18

Thanks for the replies. I agree DD is in a good position with it out of the way - this is what I have told her. I am probably getting too involved in her reaction to the 'not fairness' and I should let it go! I did suggest that she should ask some awkward questions..................... particularly of the two girls who have been particularly horrid to her over the past couple of years. Thankfully she is more mature than her mother and wouldn't dream of it!
Just interested in how other schools operate - a week of no teaching is a concern but I am also unsure of how to bring this up with the school. I do have some history of questioning things and can feel their eyes rolling if I ping off an email.
As my DC say - take a chill pill Mum. I'll tell DD to chill during English next week smile.

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