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Shrewsbury High School exam results

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angelnumber9 Mon 05-Sep-16 12:49:57

Last year I asked why Shrewsbury High School's GCSE and A level results had fallen so significantly. That thread contains last years results and attracted lots of comments as I hope this one does too. A year on and the 2016 Daily Telegraph Independent Schools results are out and like many parents I was keen to see the figures. For the sake of the school I had half hoped to be wrong but as predicted Shrewsbury High School's results are in free fall again so cohorts can no longer be a factor. Of course you wouldn't guess this was the case if you checked out the school's website or the local papers, Talk about spin! This makes me angry and is such a shame, only five years ago it was one of the top performers with GCSE A* grades of 40% and A*/A grades of 72%. Bearing in mind that this is a selective girls school with fees of over £13,000 the facts are that it has now plummeted to 268th in the GCSE tables with A* grades down to a grim 12% and A*/A to 41.4%. As a local comparison close rival Moreton Hall has in the same period risen from 97th to 85th with A* grades of 40.9% and A*/A at 70.1%. At A level the figures are again dismal with the school falling from 171st to 248th and A*/A grades down from 46% to 31%. Moreton rose from 249th to 209th with A*/A grades up from 36% to 40%.
If I have a bee in my bonnet it's because I dislike parents being taken for fools. This is not, as the headmaster claims the best performing school in Shropshire, far from it. The school website is just plain misleading and High School friends tell me that so much of what the school promises never actually materialises and there is little transparency.
Wrekin College's results were only so so but to be fair it's non selective and has pretty much held its own so we'll see, but the new head seems well regarded. Adcote and Ellesmere are on the up and Concord College has again performed exceptionally as did Shrewsbury School which as mentioned elsewhere does not qualify for the tables. Refreshingly its website offers a very detailed and transparent breakdown of exam results including the pupil numbers taking each subject and the grades achieved. All schools should follow this model instead of burying the facts beneath headline grabbing statements. But some choose to muck about with the figures and showcase less popular subjects in an effort to look good. This is why you have to look beyond the school's websites at national league tables where the pattern becomes more obvious. I don't know what the future holds for Shrewsbury High School, I understand many more disillusioned staff have left during the summer and may not be replaced. This is sad and surely cannot continue, it is toying with the futures of our children.

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Alfieisnoisy Mon 05-Sep-16 13:09:04

I think you have to take this up with the school itself.

Why are staff leaving and why are they so disillusioned?

teta Tue 06-Sep-16 09:31:10

Actually I think those results are pretty appalling for a private school.I think parents will start moving their children to other schools.Many of the new teachers are not good and complaints have been made.But the same teachers are still teaching top set this year.

eyebrowsonfleek Thu 08-Sep-16 10:15:21

I'm not familiar with the school but with new style GCSEs in Maths and English from summer 2017 and every other subject from summer 2018, I think that many there will be unusual results coming up.

angelnumber9 Sat 10-Sep-16 20:19:06

I think I've conveniently found the answer to my question on the High Schools own website this morning. In the news column the school is celebrating being nominated for another national award for the 'fourth year' in a row. For the 'fourth year' the school has tumbled down the exam league tables and it is 'four years' since the previous headmistress left! So it would seem the answer is that for 'four years' the school has been steering the girls efforts into gaining awards instead of putting its efforts into helping with the girls education.
Which prompts the question 'WHO' is to gain from from these awards, the girls certainly haven't, the staff certainly haven't and the parents certainly haven't, but other schools certainly have by the flow of fed up girls and staff jumping ship and who can blame them. So thank you Shrewsbury High School website, amongst your 'Four years' of spin you revealed the answer!

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AndreaJ1976 Tue 20-Sep-16 14:04:40

I agree! Spin, spin, and more spin. Good teachers always pursue the very best interests of the children in their care and are fully rewarded by the joy of seeing them develop to their full potential. Sadly there are those who enter the teaching profession for very different reasons, willing to exploit their position and the people around them to shine. I ask you, is it now acceptable to vainly spout ones CV by way of a welcome page, does this behaviour not smack of ego and self importance. If the High School suffers as a result of such thinly veiled career aspirations then I despair. The very essence of Shrewsbury High School is dripping away in the pursuit of some folly. Parents old and new are perplexed by the contradictions, the school telling them one thing and independent national league tables quite another. Perhaps I possess very different values because for me this lacks sincerity, humility, credibility or integrity, and puts me firmly in mind of 'The Emperor's new Clothes'.

angelnumber9 Tue 20-Sep-16 19:01:32


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Saloplass Fri 02-Dec-16 22:48:42

Voted with my feet and took my girl out now happydoing better in state school thank you!!We'd had enough of all the bullshit! promised this and that but never delivered.always about the school and never the girls and the same ones getting picked for stuff to look good every your money is my advice,shame cos there are some nice teachers,probably happy see back of us anyway after last parents evening lol.

JessieDav Thu 12-Apr-18 14:29:47

Exam results of SHS for Summer 2017; 22% of girls did not get a level 5 or above in English and Maths. Fairly shocking for a private school which has an entrance exam. Current headteacher leaves at the end of this academic year - Aug 2018.

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