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What are the options. E grade for science gcse in year 10

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jellyhead Fri 02-Sep-16 13:03:22

At dd's school the pupils all sit a science GCSE in year 10 then continue on with science in year 11.
Her result is an E.
Can she resit these papers and if not is there any possibility she can still get a pass in science overall when she sits the rest of her science exams ?
She got the result today but there is no one available at her school to ask .

baringan Fri 02-Sep-16 13:05:59

why do they do one in year 10??

What is the actual name of the paper?

AnyTheWiser Fri 02-Sep-16 13:11:15

School may allow resits. They may ask you to may the entrance fee. I presume she has done core science now, and will do additional next year?
Ask when term starts. Will she put the work in to improve her grade, on top of all her other subjects next year?

user1471516728 Fri 02-Sep-16 13:17:57

I presume they are putting them through the Science GCSE in year 10 (papers P1, C1 & B1), to be followed by the Additional Science GCSE in year 11 (papers P2, C2 and B2). So her options will be take both GCSEs in year 11 (all 6 papers) or re-take just the first ones again to give a single Science GCSE (hopefully at a better grade).

Some schools take both papers in one sitting, others spread across two years like OPs seems to have done. Those taking the individual sciences take 3 papers for each subject (eg P1, P2 and P3 = physics GCSE).

I'm sure others will have missed out on a C so school must have a plan.

catslife Fri 02-Sep-16 13:19:04

For Double Science you can take Core Science in Y10 and Additional Science in Y11.
Technically a grade E is still a pass, but most schools would allow pupils to resit next May/June if they didn't obtain a C in Y10.
However as Science is linear your dd will need to retake all the papers and do another controlled assessment. The school may charge parents for retakes.

mumsneedwine Fri 02-Sep-16 13:24:00

One version above is AQA (the C1, B1, P1) and the other is OCR. Both work in similar ways and can, for one more year, be taken seperate it to the Add and triple options. Yes, your kid should be able to resit next year. However, if they have gained an E I would recommend talking to the science dept - email works best with teachers as they will be in school today but probably on training and departmental meetings. I wish schools would sit GCSEs in year 11, when they are meant to be taken. The growing up students do in that year is massive. What is the rush !!!

jellyhead Fri 02-Sep-16 13:24:23

It's AQA board. Results paper states level GCSE/FC and GCSE/B
Biology ,chemistry and physics unit 1 tier F.
I'm not sure if that's core science
The thought behind sitting it in year 10 is the papers covers what they learnt in year 10 supposedly so it is 'fresh ' in their heads then move on in year 11 .

jellyhead Fri 02-Sep-16 13:26:33

and I so agree with you mumsneedwine.

catslife Fri 02-Sep-16 13:31:45

For AQA unit 1 is the Core science.
The F means that your dd was entered for Foundation Tier which means grades C to G.
My understanding is that when the new 9-1 Science GCSEs start, it won't be possible to take exams in Y10 anymore.

jellyhead Fri 02-Sep-16 13:35:40

Good idea to email her science teacher. I've sent one now.
She is massively disappointed. Science is not her best subject but she starts year 11 now feeling a failure.sad

TeenAndTween Fri 02-Sep-16 19:05:53

The thing is, she has only had 2.5 terms to come to grips with the question answering technique.
My DD didn't 'get' how to answer the 6 mark questions until end y10 / early y11, and didn't become competent until around Easter y11.
She ended up with BB, but if she'd had to do core in y10 she would have failed it too.

You also need to look at her revision technique. Was she 'fooling' herself that she understood stuff she didn't? With DD we found learning a paper and then doing a non-timed previous paper really helped. she could then see against the mark scheme what she didn't understand, and then plug that and similar holes before trying another previous paper. (I did a lot of 1-1 testing of her too).

Did she have and use the revision guides? Everything is needed, even throw away little examples of indicator species or whatever.

jellyhead Sat 03-Sep-16 05:43:24

Thank you tween. She really hasn't got to grips with exam techniques yet.
Her teacher replied. She can resit in year 11 . We need to pay for it but that's fine.
I'm hoping the realisation of how she needs to work hard to pass her GCSEs will give her the incentive to get her head down and give it her best

mumsneedwine Sat 03-Sep-16 06:50:40

Glad she can resit. And I'm sure her exam technique will be much better in June. I expect her science teacher isn't happy with the school policy either ! To help her there are lots of resources on line and one my own daughter used is It has videos for every section - my DD is dyslexic so reading lots is hard, but boy can she watch videos, so this was great for her. The core bits are free but you have to pay for the Add stuff. I have nothing to do with the website, so it's just a personal recommendation as a parent (he does have a bit of a boring voice but this seemed to work !). And past papers, past papers, past papers. With the mark scheme next to her ! Science needs the correct words to get the marks, eg it is not clear, it is colourless. Clear will not get a mark.

kath6144 Sat 03-Sep-16 16:06:47

Our school does core in Yr 10 and additional in Year 11. My DD chose not to do core in Yr 10, after discussion with teachers, she had a low C as a CA mark and would have probably struggled to pass.

This year her CA marks in core and additional were A* and high B, exam marks lower but she passed both at C overall. It was definitely the correct decision for her to wait a year, she is quite young in year and needed that extra maturity before doing first exams.

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