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What to expect? School admission appeal looming.

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BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 17:28:58


My DD (12) was turned down for an in-year transfer to another school.

The appeal is in 2 weeks. I have my appeal written, evidence gathered.

I have no idea what to expect though.

Is it like an interview, me sat on a chair in front of a long table of "people"?

I've not submitted the appeal, I want to take it with me and discuss on the day (rather than them receiving beforehand and tearing to shreds, putting me on the back foot on the day)

I suffer with quite severe anxiety and since I fouout the date, an hour ago, I'm stressed/panicking and on the verge of tears!

I'm hoping my fears/anxieties can be quelled by finding out what to expect on the day.

Thanks in advance.

Unlockable Wed 31-Aug-16 17:34:11

Not submitting it

Can you rethink that?

It really helps them to be able to see the written appeal before hand.

My experience of an appeal was very good. I'm autistic and don't do people. The panel, 3 people at a desk in front of me were all lovely and very calm and understanding

There was also a clerk, and a representative from the school and one other person who may have been from the LA but I'm unsure

It was fine. But I really would send your written appeal if I were you. The clerk will copy it to make sure everyone at the appeal has it in front of them so they can consider your case properly and fairly

BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 17:55:58

Oh ok. I hadn't thought of it like that. I've read the info sent to me when she was turned down and it didn't state anywherethat you had to submit it prior to attending, so I assumed I just turned up on the day.

I will give them a call tomorrow. Probably best I hand it in in person rather than rely on mail.

PatriciaHolm Wed 31-Aug-16 18:34:06

You need to submit it. Panel will be much happier if they have had a chance to read and digest it rather than being presented on the day (plus technically they don't have to accept any evidence submitted on the day).

Panel are independent so won't be interested in ripping the case apart; they want to hear your points. The appeal will be you, the panel of 3, a clerk, and a representative of the admissions authority who will make their case not to admit. The panel will then ask questions of them; then you can ask questions. Then you state your case followed by questions. It shouldn't feel confrontational; the panel chair should ensure that.

BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 18:44:13

Oh crikey, thank god I posted here. Thank you both.

I feel so stupid.

Will get it submitted tomorrow.

BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 18:44:59

Do they need originals or are copies ok? For example, DD's CAMHS report.

GiddyOnZackHunt Wed 31-Aug-16 18:50:36

I was going to say do submit but others need me to it. I seem to remember you weren't allowed to submit 'evidence' on the day.
It was adversarial as I recall. You need to be able to talk through your points and elaborate. I did get a chance to 'question' the rep from the L.A. but I didn't feel that beating them into submission with my facts and figures would do me any favours.
I concentrated on being polite and firm.

BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 18:54:26

Thank you. It's good to know I'm not going to be interrogated.

BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 18:54:46

Do you get their decision on the day?

PatriciaHolm Wed 31-Aug-16 19:14:57

Copies are fine.

In my LEA, you get a letter sent out immediately with the decision, that day or the day after, then a follow up letter explaining why the panel made that decisions shortly afterwards.

GiddyOnZackHunt Wed 31-Aug-16 19:17:42

We were able to call the next day for the result. And then got a proper written judgement a few days later.

GiddyOnZackHunt Wed 31-Aug-16 19:19:17

Just seen my mistakes in first post. For clarity:
It wasn't adversarial.

BrianCoxReborn Wed 31-Aug-16 19:29:51

Thank you . That's good to know.

It's just before my birthday and I was thinking it would be ruined if ive got a week or two to wait for the decision.

God I feel sick.

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