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Can I ask for a remark of science when it appears we are 1 mark off a new grade?

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Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 02:13:20

Dd did GCSE combined science. She got 2 b's for biology, 1 b for chemistry and 1 b for core science. She then got 1 c for chemistry, 2 C's for physics and 1c for additional science. This gave her an overall mark of C for science and C for additional science. One of her papers shows she was 1 mark off a B.
Went to college today to try and enrol for A Level biology and they won't let her take it as overall science was a C, despite Biology showing as 2x B's. She devastated. They suggest re-doing GCSE science and we've enrolled on that with her other A Levels and will then start A Level biology next year if she does better.
But really, for 1 mark they won't let her do this starting this year. Should I try and see if I can push it? Should I try and get paper re-marked? Does this take a long time if I can?
If we'd done triple science She'd just be in, this doesn't make sense to me or am I reading these results wrong? Please help?

Heirhelp Wed 31-Aug-16 02:58:14

You can but the school may not have the budget to pay for it and may
require you to do so. Remember the grade can go up or down.

sillibillies Wed 31-Aug-16 03:19:36

depends on her overall score. When you add all the scores for all 4 units see how close to the grade boundary. E.g. for AQA science the C grade is 240 and B grade 280. If she has 279 points then try getting her lowest paper remarked and you never know they may find an extra mark somewhere but she won't get it back for a couple of weeks in which case the courses will have started.
However, as an experienced A level biology teacher i would say C grade students (or those who just scrape a B) struggle with A level biology and if this is the only science subject your DD was planning to take she's not going to go into a science career so its probably best to opt for a different subject.
We're not trying to be mean by not allowing students onto courses but rather we don't want them to waste a year and come out with nothing. This sadly the case most of the time when I have been persuaded to take on C grade students.

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 04:51:08

Thank you Sillj, I will look how close she is. We've had a terrible couple of years. She was a straight A level student under a different tutor for 4 years but for last 2 years has had an awful teacher. I tried do / years to have her moves but the school kept telling me I was worrying unnecessarily. It culminated by exam time in the teacher being the only person who wouldn't come in for pre-exam breakfast study session because she said 'I do t get paid for it'. Teacher spent last 6 months telling students in class to 'get their books out and revise something'.
I feel so annoyed as I'd written 5 emails and been in 3 times because I knew things weren't going well with this teacher. So I think she is capable under a different teacher. Proof will be in new college and doing re take to see what she can do but that's a year added to her studies.

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 04:55:42

And Silli she wants to be a nurse or midwife or child psychologist, WG something medical based so Biology is very important. She got 3 A grades at GCSEs and rest B's and couple of C's so I think/hope she's capable.
I wouldn't be quite so upset if if wasn't so important but we've opted to do A level psychology, English literature and sociology but not sure if that's going to be enough as no science in there.

NoBetterName Wed 31-Aug-16 08:31:36

For nursing, biology A'level is not necessarily a must for example entry requirements for York

Whilst you might want to get the biology gcse remarked anyway, she would probably be better selecting three A' levels she'll get high grades in. (The York site has a list of preferred subjects, but check with other universities for their entry requirements too).

Coconutty Wed 31-Aug-16 09:19:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 12:32:24

What I suppose I don't understand is if she'd done triple science her mark would have been a B for biology but becaus we did the core and additional science and overall got 2 C's they won't accept that she got B's for biology (and good B's not scraped B's). I want to scream but it appears I can't do anything about it. I've emailed school to see if they would put in a good word for her, only thing I can think to do.

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 12:36:10

And Silli, overall marks were 274 and 271, so close to the 280 but maybe not close enough? I feel so angry that I didn't get her moved from her teacher, she's my oldest, wouldn't do this for the other 3!
Out of interest is the triple science paper different from core and additional? Ie if she got B's in biology under core and additional would this have been B's under triple? Wish I'd pushed for her to do the triple now.

baringan Wed 31-Aug-16 12:38:19

Yes triple is different. It has an extra unit 3. Dd was told that if she wanted to do science. A levels she should do triple. She got a B in biology and a B in chemistry but a C in physics.

baringan Wed 31-Aug-16 12:39:33

She may have got bs in unit 1 and 2 but she could have got a low D in unit 3 which may have brought her down to a c

baringan Wed 31-Aug-16 12:41:20

Fwiw sociology is considered a soft a level option and I think psychology maybe also - happy to be corrected

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 12:49:18

We had unit 4's not 3, she got one b and one c for those.
She is redoing science GCSE in hope to get a B and will then start A Level biology a year late. College seemed to think if she did well in AS Level at the end of the first year of doing A Level biology and did well in other 3 A Levels this may be enough. Worse case is she will have to do an extra year and finish the Biology A Level in that final year.

baringan Wed 31-Aug-16 12:55:29

I THINK unit 4 is the controlled assessment?

baringan Wed 31-Aug-16 12:56:38

Would she consider a BTEC in health and social care? We looked into this for dd and it seemed a good alternative

rainbowstardrops Wed 31-Aug-16 12:59:23

My DS did core science GCSE last year and got a B but close to an A. School asked for it to be re-marked and an extra EIGHT marks were found!
Don't forget it can go down as well as up though!

TheFallenMadonna Wed 31-Aug-16 13:01:47

Unit 4 is the controlled assessment in AQA. If she had done separate sciences, she would have had to do a full GCSE extra (3 unit exams and another CA), which may have impacted on her achievement in all units. Is she resitting Core Science (Science) or Additional Science? I would insist on a B in Additional or Biology for A level, regardless of Core grade. Is there the option of doing Biology instead? Will she be getting any teaching?

TheFallenMadonna Wed 31-Aug-16 13:03:19

Remarks are different this year. Much less likely to change.

GoldenWorld Wed 31-Aug-16 13:11:56

She doesn't have to have A Level biology to do nursing or midwifery. A few places ask for it, the top ones like KCL but she'd be better off doing human biology. A lot of A Level biology is plant/nature type stuff which will have very little relevance to her future career. I did human biology through the open uni which was very good (but it costs thousands now unfortunately).

Unless she wants to go to KCL, I wouldn't bother trying to do biology. Best thing you can do is ask the unis she's interested in going to if it's necessary. But I suspect not. Sociology and psychology are VERY relevant so I would definitely stick with them. Entry requirements are going up all the time so I'd pick the subjects she's most likely to do well in. English Lit will stand her in good stead too. I did English Lit and sociology A Levels and I'm a newly qualified midwife. I only have a C in double science at GCSE as I didn't get to finish the open uni course as I got offered an early place!

The most important thing for nursing and midwifery courses, in my experience, are understanding and passion for the job. Remember, she'll have to be interviewed for the course and how she performs in them are far more important than having A Level biology. And being able to do basic drug calculations as she'll have to pass numeracy tests too.

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 13:13:22

She's redoing both, so will be a busy year with the 3 A Levels as well!
I think it's the best option and it's in a proper re-take class so she will get extra help. It's also at college rather than school so completely different teacher which will be a huge help too I think.
I think this is now the best option.

GoldenWorld Wed 31-Aug-16 13:15:52

My other A Level was in Religious Studies for what it's worth. I did already have a degree also but not really a relevant one.

The whole re-marking and doing it a year late sound like a lot of hassle. Unless she really loves biology, I'd scrap doing it and concentrate on getting good grades in the subjects she's chosen. All of them will be viewed favourably for nursing and midwifery courses.

GoldenWorld Wed 31-Aug-16 13:20:24

I really think you need to speak to some unis. That sounds like a lot of work for her which may not be necessary.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 31-Aug-16 13:22:37

I agree. Not sure re-taking both is necessary at all.

baringan Wed 31-Aug-16 13:37:21

There is no way on earth dd would be retaking science and doing a year of biology! No school I've had experience with would recommend it either

Janus Wed 31-Aug-16 14:11:25

Thank you goldenworld, I want to keep her options open as she's also thought about radiographer and child psychologist. Think radiographer asks for A Level biology, paychologist doesn't seem to.
She got an A in English Lit so I think this is a good one to take!

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